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Human Foods Dogs Can Eat: What Foods Can You Share With Your Dog?

Who can resist the cute and curious eyes of a dog that wants a bite (or two, or more) of your hot dog or ice cream. Have you ever caught your dog devouring some of your food and then freaked out about it? Is it safe, are they going to be okay? Here is a list of human foods that are safe to share and enjoy together with your dog.   What Fruits Can I Give To My Dog? Not all fruits Read More...
Dinner time is happy time for dogs!

How are dry dog food or pet food (kibbles) made?

Ever wonder how dry dog food / cat food / pet food are made? We usually feed our furkids mixed diet of canned, dry kibbles and sometime fresh food from our kitchen tables. But for the most of our time, we tend to use dry kibbles to feed them. Dogs eating Dry Food Most of us living in the city and working full time would not have the time nor energy to prepare home cooked meals for our beloved pets. Since Roman Read More...

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