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    Pawise Cleaning Wipes Pack of 70 Sheets

    Pawise Cleaning Wipes helps to remove tough dirt and odour from your pets without bathing.

    They can be used to clean your pet’s paws, undercoat, bottom, or to remove dander and drools.

    The cleaning wipes are good for using when your dog is dirty or after a walk in the park.

    Pawise Cleaning Wipes uses an alcohol-free formula so these cleaning wipes are gentle and safe on your pets.

    They are also pH-balanced and has a mild and soft scent.

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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Tear Stain Remover Liquid 8oz

    • Gently cleans the tear stains from the fur around the eye.
    • Highlights the natural color of the coat.
    • Does not contain alcohol or bleach.
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    Petkin Pet Approved KittyWipes Wet Wipes For Cats 30s

    • shampoos away dirt & odor without water or rinsing
    • deodorizing & conditioning plus allergy & shed relief
    • leaves coat silky soft
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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Clean Ears Liquid 4oz

    • Cleans Ear Canal
    • Dissolves Ear Wax and Loosens Wax Build-Up
    • Reduces Odors
    • Excellent for Use Before or After Swimming
    • Contains no Alcohol
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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Ear Ticks and Mites Control Liquid 4oz

    • Reduce Itching
    • Eliminates Ear Mites and Ticks
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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Clean Eyes Liquid 4oz

    • Gently washes away irritants or foreign matter.
    • Reduces redness caused by dust and air pollutants and allergy causing irritants like pollen.
    • Excellent for Use After Swimming to wash away chlorine.
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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Ear Powder 30g

    • Use for relieving irritated, itching
    • Dries up moisture, reduces bacteria growth due to moisture
    • Used to help groomers grip and remove excess unwanted hair
    • Especially Good for Dogs with Drop Ears
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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Conditioner 17oz

    • cleans teeth, gums, plaque & tartar freshens breath
    • works invisibly, no taste, color or smell
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    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Puppy Shampoo 17oz

    • Tearless and non-irritating
    • Gentle and mild

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