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Dog Shampoo And Grooming


Grooming of your dog is an extremely important part of ensuring that your dog will have a comfortable life. One such aspect of grooming would be bathing. Dog shampoo is needed for bathing, making it an important aspect of grooming. Bathing your dog is very important as it ensures that your dog’s skin and the coat is well maintained while preventing any odors from arising. This helps prevent any skin diseases that may plague dogs that are dirty. Furthermore, your dog may enjoy bathing, hence providing him with a positive experience which deepens the bond between you and your pet.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

The general rule of thumb is to only bathe your dog when it needs to. This could mean when your dog starts to develop an odor or when there is an obvious accumulation of mud on his coat. It is important that you carefully monitor your dog’s level of cleanliness. Dogs that are too dirty will start to smell and may develop skin diseases while too many baths may result in dry skin for your dog, causing further problems. Constant bathing may end up in natural oils in the skin being washed off, thus causing their coat to dry and lose its shine.

How Do You Bathe Your Dog?

Before bathing your dog, certain things need to be considered such as

  1.  The type of dog shampoo to use
  2.  The location
  3.  Your dog’s character or mood

For starters, the correct type of dog shampoo needs to be used to ensure your dog will be clean and healthy. A dog’s skin is sensitive just like ours hence it is important that the dog shampoo is mild and not too acidic to prevent any permanent damage to your dog’s skin. I will discuss which dog shampoo is recommended further on in this article.

Secondly, the location where your dog is bathed is important as well. You can choose to bathe him either indoors or outdoors. This is usually dependent on your dog’s breed or size. Certain owners may prefer bathing their dogs outdoors with a garden hose as their dogs may be the type to enjoy jumping out of tubs. However, always be sure to check the temperature of the water from the hose as it may be either too cold or too hot for your dog. Other owners may prefer bathtubs as it allows them more control as their dog is unable to run around. Owners with smaller sized dogs may prefer this method as well. However, always be sure to take great care as small dogs may risk drowning in a full tub. Also, remember to have antislip mats around the bathroom to prevent you or your pet from slipping.

Lastly, a good owner should know their dog like the back of their hands. Certain dogs enjoy bathing while others may not. Hence, different tactics are required for these two types. However, dogs can be trained to eventually enjoy bathing through positive reinforcement and by allowing them to get comfortable. I will be elaborating more on how to train your dog.

Training Your Dog To Enjoy baths

The most important thing is to get your dog accustomed to baths by reinforcing the idea of a bath with positive experiences. Positive experiences could mean their favorite treat or by giving them their favorite toy to play with. Training your dog well will ensure that bathtime is easy and convenient for you and your dog. Some other tips include,

  1.  Petting or stroking your dog more often to get them used to being touched. Praise and reward them everytime you do this to make sure they behave.
  2.  Get them used to taking a bath slowly as rushing them may backfire, causing your dog to freak.
  3.  Introduce your dog to the equipment such as the dog shampoo, the bathtub, and the hose.
  4.  If your dog is the active sort, you could consider taking your dog out for a long walk first. This tires them out so they will behave in the bath.

Are Human Shampoos Acceptable?

No! Humans and dogs have different pH levels on their skins and this results in human shampoos being possibly harmful to dogs. Humans have more acidic skin with pH levels of 5 while dogs have neutral levels of 6-7. Human shampoos are calibrated to the human skin, making them more acidic. This higher level of acidity is incompatible with the skin of the dogs. This will result in your dog being more susceptible to parasites, bacteria and skin diseases. Hence it is always advised to use dog shampoo on your dogs when bathing.

Why Use Dog Shampoo?

Just like humans, dogs have to be clean as well and the use of dog shampoos on them are hence totally necessary. Shampoos not only kill bacteria and germs that live on the body of your dog but also leaves them smelling nice. Thus preventing any foul odors from developing. Furthermore, the shampoos are usually packed with vitamins and other formulas that are responsible for keeping the skin and coat of your dog healthy and clean. That is why you should choose the dog shampoo you use based on your dog’s needs.

What Is The Best Dog Shampoo?

cardinal gold medal dog shampoo

I would recommend Cardinal Gold Medal dog shampoo as they offer up a large range and variety of dog shampoos and conditioners that are of the highest quality. Each shampoo has its own function. For instance, the oatmeal shampoo relieves flea bites as well as dry and itchy skin. The flea and tick shampoo acts as an insecticidal aid that prevents fleas and ticks from breeding on your dog, while simultaneously maintaining the coat’s shine and luster. Also, there is a form of puppy shampoo which is more gentle and mild which is packed with vitamins. This puppy shampoo works to keep the coat clean and soft. Visit now to purchase the dog shampoo!





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