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Pee Pads – What Are They?

What Are They?

A pee pad is an absorbent, disposable cloth that is laid on the floor for your pet to relieve itself. These pee pads are usually promoted to be odour-eliminating thus preventing your house from stinking up too much. Pee pads are effective as it allows owners to clean up excretions easily while keeping the house clean. Hence, ensuring the hygiene of the living conditions for you and your dog. Pee pads are also available in a variety of sizes that are suitable for different sized dogs.

dog with pee pad

A few questions will be answered in this article. These questions include:

  1.  How effective are these pee pads?
  2.  What are the benefits?
  3.  What are the drawbacks?
  4.  How do you train your dog to use pee pads?
  5.  Are they suitable for all dogs?

How Effective Are These Pee Pads?

Pee pads are effective as it trains your dogs to be independent. Hence, they do not require your presence for them to relieve themselves.  However, some owners may choose to have their dogs properly potty trained might be hindered by the pads. Dogs may become accustomed to the pad and find it harder to change. Furthermore, just because you laid out the pads, it does not mean your dog will automatically use it. Training is still necessary to let your dog get used to it. More will be elaborated on for training in the article later. In general, these pads are usually seen as very effective due to their convenience and the relatively small mess it makes. Thus, many owners favour this method.

Benefits Of Pee Pads

There are a number of benefits that are very obvious

  1.  They are convenient.
  2.  They do not make such a big mess.
  3.  Pads are useful for dogs that cannot go outside.
  4.  Usually cheap and one pack can last a long time
  5.  The odour of the urine is trapped by the pad.
  6.  They are usually more hygienic than litter boxes.


However, nothing is perfect and there are always drawbacks. Such drawbacks include

  1.  It makes you a lazier owner
  2.  Dogs may confuse pee pads with rugs and end up going in any place with a square on the ground.
  3.  Pee pads with attractants or pheromones may backfire and result in a bigger mess.
  4.  Pads treated with ammonia may cause your dog to urinate in larger volumes than before. This is due to ammonia being a byproduct of urine. Hence, the smell of ammonia is essentially the smell of urine. Thus, causing your dog to urinate more.

How To Train Your Dog

dog getting trained

In a perfect world, just laying out the pee pad would be enough to convince your dog to use it already. However, that is not true and your dog requires extensive training to get used to it. However, this takes considerable effort and time and owners need to be committed. Instructions and some tips will be listed below.

  • Make it easier for your dog by placing the pee pad nearer to their beds so they do not have to search for it.
  • Keep the pee pads in a fixed place every day to avoid confusing your dog. Dogs usually have a routine and by visiting the same place every day, they tend to make it a habit.
  • Pick a quiet spot to help shy dogs.
  • Never ever scold your dog should they relieve themselves anywhere aside from the pad. This will only result in your bond being disrupted but also cause them to think that it is ok to relieve themselves outside of the pad when you’re gone.
  • Pick a spot where it is easier to clean up. For instance above a tiled floor. Avoid carpets, wooden or marble floors as the urine may seep through and stain your floor.
  • Always praise your dog when they successfully use the pad. This provides positive reinforcement for them, thus encouraging them to use the pads more.
  • Occasionally you may consider using treats or toys as further rewards for using the pee pads.
  • Consider using keywords such as “toilet’ or “potty” when your pet is relieving themselves. This allows you to condition your pets to relieve themselves when they hear that word.
  • Know your dog’s toilet schedule. Dogs typically need to urinate right after their naps and 10-15 minutes after eating.

Who Needs Them

Pee pads are usually used when your dog is unable to go outside to relieve themselves. This could be due to your dog’s health issues, lack of a backyard or due to winter. Some pets may also not have had their vaccinations yet and thus it might be risky to bring them out. Hence, pee pads are necessary to allow your pets to relieve themselves.

Which Pee Pads Should You Get?

janp pee pads

There are many types of pee pads available on the market. But it is usually recommended to choose one that is of a higher quality to reduce messes and to maintain hygiene. Aim to get pads that are highly absorbent but are impermeable to water. This prevents seeping of urine. Look out for brands that are also anti-bacterial. This is important as you may not be able to clean up the soiled pads immediately. Thus, you would want to stymie the spread of bacteria for as long as possible. As mentioned before, also choose pads that are able to eliminate odours to prevent stinking up your house. You can browse the pee pads that are recommended which possess all the qualities listed above.

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