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Author Archives: Cedric Soh

Dog Dental Health – Oral Care Happy Dog

Dog dental health: The Importance Of Healthy Teeth We humans aren’t the only one that need healthy teeth. And, to be honest, a lot of times many of us forget to take care of our own dental health. But, what about your dog dental health? Do you take care about the teeth of your best friend? Dog brush teeth Why is your dog dental health care important? Believe it or not, almost 80% of the dogs out there will experience some sort Read More...

Why you need a Drinking Fountain for your Cats, Dogs, Pets

Why get a drinking fountain? Do your pet loves to play and drink with running water? Are they picky when it comes to clean water? And how can you be so sure they drink enough water? A proper drinking fountain can be an entertaining way for your bored pets to have fun drinking up! Pets associate running water to clean and fresh water Having a drinking fountain can keep your pet hydrated, active and happy because they prefer and a fresh and Read More...

How are dry dog food or pet food (kibbles) made?

Ever wonder how dry dog food / cat food / pet food are made? We usually feed our furkids mixed diet of canned, dry kibbles and sometimes fresh food from our kitchen tables. But for most of our time, we tend to use dry kibbles to feed them. Dogs eating Dry Food Most of us living in the city and working full time would not have the time nor energy to prepare home-cooked meals for our beloved pets. Since Roman times, there Read More...