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Cat Safe Human Foods: 5 Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat

In our previous post we spoke about human foods that are dangerous for your cat. There are definitely some foods out there that your cat should never reach. However, on the more positive side of things – there are a few products you can share and enjoy munching together with your feline as they are cat safe human foods. Cat Safe Human Foods Your Cat Can Eat Eggs Eggs are a great source of protein for both cats and humans. Naturally, protein Read More...

Human Foods Cats Can’t Eat: 5 Things You Should Never Give To Your Feline Friend

One thing that you’re going to learn about cats is that no matter what – they are ALWAYS hungry. Even if you just fed your cat, they will still come after your dinner as if they’ve never seen food before. And of course, because you love them it is hard to resist and not to share. While there are many human foods that are safe for both dogs and cats to consume – there are also human foods cats Read More...
Dinner time is happy time for dogs!

How are dry dog food or pet food (kibbles) made?

Ever wonder how dry dog food / cat food / pet food are made? We usually feed our furkids mixed diet of canned, dry kibbles and sometime fresh food from our kitchen tables. But for the most of our time, we tend to use dry kibbles to feed them. Dogs eating Dry Food Most of us living in the city and working full time would not have the time nor energy to prepare home cooked meals for our beloved pets. Since Roman Read More...

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