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Category Archives: Cat Accessories

10 Reasons Why Your Cat Like To Scratch

As a cat owner, you must have noticed that cats like to scratch. Wadford Humane Society explains that scratching is natural for cats. Scratching helps to stretches all of the muscles and tendons in their toes, paws, legs, shoulders, and backs. Scratching also keeps their claws healthy and removes dead outer layers of the nail. It helps them mark their territory, both visually and with scent glands in their paws. And it feels good for your cat! But the important Read More...

Weird Things Cats Do: 5 Silly Things Your Cat Does Explained

Cats. Mysterious and elegant creatures. You don’t choose them – they choose you. However, these majestic balls of fur are not always as elegant as they may appear. If you have a cat, then you probably know this. Because cats sometimes do the weirdest things in the world. Some of the things they do are just silly, others will cost you your favorite porcelain set of plates, and some of the things they do are just – creepy. So, from Read More...

Why you need a Drinking Fountain for your Cats, Dogs, Pets

Why get a drinking fountain? Do your pet loves to play and drink with running water? Are they picky when it comes to clean water? And how can you be so sure they drink enough water? A proper drinking fountain can be an entertaining way for your bored pets to have fun drinking up! Pets associate running water to clean and fresh water Having a drinking fountain can keep your pet hydrated, active and happy because they prefer and a fresh and Read More...