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Pee Pads – What Are They?

What Are They? A pee pad is an absorbent, disposable cloth that is laid on the floor for your pet to relieve itself. These pee pads are usually promoted to be odour-eliminating thus preventing your house from stinking up too much. Pee pads are effective as it allows owners to clean up excretions easily while keeping the house clean. Hence, ensuring the hygiene of the living conditions for you and your dog. Pee pads are also available in a variety of Read More...

Harness for Dogs – How To Choose A Leash?

​ Harness For Dogs- What Are They? Harnesses are worn by dogs and act as a form of leash attachment, hence replacing collars. The harness supports the entire torso compared to a collar which only supports the neck. They are growing in popularity in recent years due to them being safer for the dogs wearing them. As observed in the picture below, each harness comes equipped with a loop on the back which allows for leash attachment while the straps secure the body Read More...

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