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Category Archives: Dog Accessories

Harness for Dogs – How To Choose A Leash?

​Harnesses are worn by dogs and act as a form of leash attachment, hence replacing collars. The harness supports the entire torso compared to a collar which only supports the neck. They are growing in popularity in recent years due to them being safer for the dogs wearing them. As observed in the picture below, each harness comes equipped with a loop on the back which allows for leash attachment while the straps secure the body of the dog. The strap prevents Read More...

Why you need a Drinking Fountain for your Cats, Dogs, Pets

Why get a drinking fountain? Do your pet loves to play and drink with running water? Are they picky when it comes to clean water? And how can you be so sure they drink enough water? A proper drinking fountain can be an entertaining way for your bored pets to have fun drinking up! Pets associate running water to clean and fresh water Having a drinking fountain can keep your pet hydrated, active and happy because they prefer and a fresh and Read More...