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Haze Danger To Our Pets

We all know that everyone is getting more agitated every day because of all the haze from the forest fire. We get it that wearing a mask every day, getting itchy eyes, and red eyes is a bother but we shouldn’t forget about our fur kid that might be suffering quietly too. The respiratory system handles two of your pet’s most important bodily functions: breathing and cooling, this is why you shouldn’t put a mask in that boopy nose Read More...
Can Hamsters Eat Crackers

Hamsters Pet owners Commonly asked FAQs

Hamsters are popular pets that are loved by people around the world. They are easily maintained and are very fun companions. However, all owners have questions regarding their hamsters. Here, we will be answering those questions to the best of our abilities. Hamsters love to eat nuts, seeds, corns etc Hamsters Common Frequently Asked Questions Can hamsters swim? No! Hamsters cannot swim and they have a high chance of drowning. Even if they do not drown, they run the risk of contracting pneumonia. A Read More...
Can Hamsters Eat Crackers

How To Take Care of Your Hamster

What’s your first pet? Most of us had hamsters as our first pet. This small rodent makes a great pet for kids, teenagers, and even adults. Hamsters take longer to socialize than other pets, but once you get to know them, they can become a friendly pet. Socializing and taking care of them in the right way is the key. Understanding the right hamster diet is important to keep them healthy. Hamster’s welfare is also important for us to know. Read More...