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New Dog Food – Can You Switch Quickly?

As a dog owner, you love your dog more than anything. You will strive to give your dog the best. Hence, you are in a dilemma when you stumble across a new better brand of dog food. You want to change your dog’s food but you do not know how. Here, I will tell you how to get your dog used to new dog food and the possible side effects. But first, Is It Ok To Change Dog Food? Yes. However, owners Read More...
Treat for puppy

Dog Treats And Their Importance

Dog Treats – What Are They? Dog treats are usually biscuit based dietary supplements that are equivalent to the snacks that humans consume. They are not replacements for dog food and cannot be used as a meal. Treats can be made up of a variety of ingredients and there are vegetarian options as well. Other dog treats may use chicken, lamb or even cod. Dog treats are usually used in the training of a dog. The treats act as rewards that Read More...
Dinner time is happy time for dogs!

How are dry dog food or pet food (kibbles) made?

Ever wonder how dry dog food / cat food / pet food are made? We usually feed our furkids mixed diet of canned, dry kibbles and sometime fresh food from our kitchen tables. But for the most of our time, we tend to use dry kibbles to feed them. Dogs eating Dry Food Most of us living in the city and working full time would not have the time nor energy to prepare home cooked meals for our beloved pets. Since Roman Read More...

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