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Dog Dental Health – Oral Care Happy Dog

Dog dental health: The Importance Of Healthy Teeth

We humans aren’t the only one that need healthy teeth. And, to be honest, a lot of times many of us forget to take care of our own dental health. But, what about your dog dental health? Do you take care about the teeth of your best friend?

Dog brush teeth

Dog brush teeth

Why is your dog dental health care important?

Believe it or not, almost 80% of the dogs out there will experience some sort of dental issue throughout their life. Dental problems in dogs are more a lot more common than you think. They do vary of course, from less serious to very serious – but they are still there and they can cause discomfort and pain to your dog. Your dog dental health is an important component of the full health care that you provide for your dog, and this alone makes dog dental health care important. Dental gum issues can lead to heart problems for dogs too!

A bad tooth hurts

A bad tooth hurts everyone. You, me, your dog. We all know how bad a toothache can be. It can literally stop us from being functional or being able to focus on anything else. Your dog can experience this too if he has dental problems.

One bad tooth can lead to a lot of problems

Another thing that can happen because of poor dental health is the tooth/teeth slowly being destroyed and causing serious issues like infections. These infections can spread further from your dog’s mouth and they can be dangerous, even life threatening. Your dog can end up losing his teeth, being in a lot pain and going through a hard recovery. You on the other hand will spend a lot of time worrying, stressing out and feeling horrible for your pet while spending a lot of money to get the issue solved.

Dog fixing bad tooth

Dog fixing bad tooth

This is why prevention is the most effective cure.

Prevention and improvement in your dog dental health happens through three important approaches that apply even to us as well: a healthy diet, regular cleaning and regular checks with the dentist.

A healthy diet to help your dog dental health

A healthy mix of dry and wet food will not only take care of your dog’s tummy, but also your dog’s teeth. A good package of dog food contains nutrition that not only gives your dog energy, but it feeds him vitamins that make his coat and teeth stronger and more shiny. Healthy dog treats your dog can chew on and enjoy can also improve the dental health of your dog as he nibbles on them in complete bliss.


Regularly cleaning your dog’s teeth

To put it simply – a fresh breath means clean teeth. Clean teeth most likely will mean healthy teeth if you do this regularly. So, get a toothbrush for this family member as well! As silly as it sounds, brushing your dog’s teeth does what brushing teeth does for you – prevents them from going bad.

It would be great if you can turn this into a daily ritual where you sit down and brush your dog’s teeth, maybe after his last meal for the day.

dog chewing on carrot to clean teeth

dog chewing on carrot to clean teeth


However, you don’t do this with your regular toothpaste – there are products that are specifically made for your dog dental health that you can use. And of course, not all dogs will enjoy their teeth being brushed, so sometimes you are gonna have to get a little creative. At least on the worst days when the toothbrush stands no chance in your dog’s mouth (they love to chew on stuff, don’t they?). There are some rare but not expensive dog treats that are good for the teeth, we are giving our dogs these treats too and they love it!

Here are a few products that can help you successfully  take care of your dog dental health even when he hates the brush, so both of you can have a nice, shiny smile:

  • Petkin Plaque Gel – this is a great product to use on a daily basis, without having to struggle with using a toothbrush and chasing your dog around. All you need to do is squeeze a little bit of the product on the teeth on both sides of the mouth, and that’s it! The Petkin Plaque Gel is great for younger dogs and puppies starting from 6 weeks of age.
  • -7%
    $15.00 $13.90

    Petkin Plaque Gel 4oz

  • Petkin Plaque Spray – Once again, avoid using a brush and daily take care of your dog dental health by simply spraying this product on your dog’s teeth. You do not have to rinse the product or brush it, just make sure you spray it nicely.
  • -7%
    $15.00 $13.90

    Petkin Plaque Spray 4oz

  • There is also a version of this product that you can spray on your dog’s food instead of spraying in on his teeth. This spray will help your dog have a nicer, more fresh breath and they won’t notice the product as it does not leave any taste or smell over the food.
  • If you’re looking for something that’s not  brush but you can still rub against your dog’s teeth to give them a nice cleaning, then Petkin’s Plaque Tooth Wipes might be a good choice for you. Again, very simple to use and with no need of rinsing. This however is a product you should consider using only if you know your dog isn’t going to bite you or hurt you, as you should gently rub the wipe against his teeth and clean them.
  • dog plaque tooth wipes
    $16.00 $14.90

    Petkin Vet Approved ToothWipes Wet Wipes 40s

  • Petkin’s Chew Toy Spray – This spray will help you turn your dog’s favorite toy into his toothbrush. It is bacon flavored, so it might be a little odd for their rubber ducky that they chew on to smell like bacon – but surely they won’t mind. Just like with the food spray, you simply spray this over the toy and let the rest do itself.

Finding the right products that you can use on a daily basis to help keep your dog dental health in shape should always be on your mission checklist. You know your dog best, so if you feel like you can use a toothbrush to get in there and clean his teeth then that is awesome. Even this is a training process for most dogs, so you can always consult with your vet about how to safely brush your dog’s teeth. In the meantime, we hope these products help you.

Remember that it is never too early to start thinking about your dog dental health. Even from a very early age when they are still a puppy, you should make sure that their teeth are always clean. Like we mentioned above, regular cleaning, regular checks with your vet and a healthy diet will prevent dental problems greatly.

Dog Dental Health

Dog Dental Health


So, make sure that your dog always have a bright, clean smile and a fresh breath – because good dog dental health improves their overall health.

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