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Dog Food – Which is right for your dog?

Even if dogs are not as finicky as humans are when it comes to their food, what we feed them can make or break their health and consequently, their longevity.

Choosing the Right Dog Food

There’s a wide array of information and choices that bombard us, making it more challenging for many of us pet parents to choose the most appropriate dog food for our canine child. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s a guide to choosing the right food for your dog.


Nutritional Needs

Choosing the right food is one of the biggest factors that can affect your dog’s quality of life. The best food for your dog is one that meets its nutritional needs. Most commercial dog food brands are formulated with the minimum nutritional requirements for dogs.

However, you need to remember that dogs, like humans, have varying nutritional needs. A small dog’s nutritional needs are different from those of a large, active dog.

Different dogs with different ages have different needs

Dogs will need varying amounts and types of nutrients in the course of their lifetime. Hence, the nutritional needs of a puppy will be different from an adult dog. This is why most established brands have different categories of dog food for puppy, for dogs and for senior dogs.

Dogs in different stages of their lives have different needs. One must also note that senior dogs has weaker jaw muscles and would prefer softer food.


All-Natural vs. Commercial Food

There are debates in the pet community regarding choosing all-natural dog food over the commercially-prepared ones. The basic premise of choosing BARF (biologically-available raw food) is that these foods are close to what dogs eat in the wild. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient evidence showing that raw food is better than commercial dog food.

However, if your dog has certain medical conditions such as a skin or immune system problem, then you may be recommended to feed it with BARF.

These days, it’s very much possible to find high-quality commercial dog food. Many of these commercially-prepared dog foods are made using high-quality meat instead of meat by-products. Most of these dog foods are preserved with vitamin E or other natural forms of preservatives.

When choosing commercial dog food, it’s best to choose one that’s specially formulated by nutritionists to help your dog get the nutrients that it needs.


Food Allergies

Dogs with certain skin condition require a special kind of diet. They are often recommended for food items that are devoid of ingredients that can induce their allergies. Some of the most common ingredients that can induce allergies are dairy, egg, corn, soy, lamb, and wheat.

dog chewing on carrot to clean teeth

dog chewing on carrot to clean teeth

If your dog has skin problems, it’s best to talk to your veterinarian and ask for recommendations on the most appropriate dog food for your pet. He/she may recommend one that does not contain an ingredient or ingredients to which your dog is allergic with. Many food companies offer this kind of dog food. They’re often preserved with vitamins and are supplemented with fatty acids.


What should you feed your dog?

The best food to feed your dog is one that suits its nutritional needs, devoid of any ingredient or ingredients it is allergic with, and one that’s made from high-quality ingredients.

Above all, be mindful of what your dogs like, and whether his health condition changes after switching food. The end goal is to keep your furkids happy and healthy!


Dog food in Singapore- what do Singaporeans buy?

One of the popular shops that are selling dog food (or cat food and pet food) is Pet Lover Centre. Pet Lover Centre has a wide range of pet dog food that many Singaporeans visit. Beside Pet Lover Centre, of course we have the usual single shop (non franchise nor chain pet stores) usually own by traditional uncle and auntie business people.

Pet Lovers Centre Dog and Cat Food

Pet Lovers Centre sells many dog foods that are exclusive to themselves and not available in other pet shops in Singapore. This is because they do sell pet dogs, puppies etc that are fed with their own brand dog food and they keep the brands for their retail exclusivity.

They do carry big brands too like Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Science Diet, Nutragold too. We provide a better service and more competitive prices to our beloved customers.

Popular dog food- Wellness, Taste of the Wild

Outside Pet Lover Centre, some of the most popular pet dog food brands that furkids owners tell us are usually NutraGold, Science Diet (by Nestle), Taste of the Wild (TOTW), Wellness Pet Food

Dog Dry Food Core Wellness

Dog Dry Food Core Wellness

One of the biggest brands that is popular with Singaporeans is Wellness Pet Food.

Without a double, Wellness is the #1 selling brand of pet food that is sold by PetFoodCare. Interestingly, Wellness dog food is not available in the local e-commerce platform like Qoo10, Lazada nor Shopee. We believe that pet owners still prefer to buy their Wellness pet food directly from small retailers.

Other popular brands of dog food that we sell a lot are Taste of the Wild, Science Diet and NutraGold. Whichever your dog choose, make sure he is happy and healthy together with you! =)

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