11 Dog Indoors Exercise Tips: Keep Your Friend Fit During The Cold

11 Dog Indoors Exercise Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Fit and Healthy During The Cold

If you’re staying in a country where the seasons change throughout the year, winter should be right around the corner.

As you slowly prepare to hibernate and stay warm, remember that the festive holidays are coming, so you may also be prepared to have a lot of family dinners and gain a few pounds.

Amidst the holidaying and feasting, many prefer to be indoors away from the frosty cold outside. In fact, so do our dogs, too – and together, we become a little less fit and a little more chubby.

Dog indoors exercise helps to improve the physical and mental health of both humans and dogs. Your fur-buddy can easily become bored and depressed staying inside your home during the winter. So, here are a few dog indoors exercise tips for your dog to keep the fun and fitness going on until spring comes back!

golden retriever staring out of a window
Healthy Indoor Exercise Tips for Your Dog

There are plenty of benefits for your dog when you keep them physically active no matter the weather. They’re going to be fit, more energetic, and happier. Plus, playing with them is the ultimate way to bond.

Dog Indoor Exercise Toys to Make It Fun

While there are birds and squirrels to chase outside, there’s not much of that to keep your dog entertained indoors (and playing fetch inside sometimes can be an extreme activity).

So, make sure that you get your dog some toys to make exercise more engaging. There are many thrilling toys you can buy to make them forget about the squirrels in the park!

You can always include food puzzles to keep the body and mind in shape, as well as ramp up the motivation once they get to the treat.

Use the Stairs to Keep Fit

If you have stairs at home, this is a great way for both of you to stay fit. Get your pup excited and speed up and down the stairs. You can put a treat on top of the stairs to attract them.

Next, you can also put one at the bottom to keep them moving. Don’t overdo the treats and remember to keep them in moderation as it’s exercise after all!

dog grasping a toy ball in its mouth
Using a Ball to Exercise Indoors

Use a Treadmill

Not all dogs might enjoy one, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. If you have a treadmill at home, it’s time to remove all the clothes hanging on it and get moving!

Put it at a reasonable pace for your dog, just like it would be when you’re taking them out on a walk. Just a few minutes a day can help simulate the experience of being outside for a walk (consider including squirrel visuals on the TV to attract them more – who knows?).

Play Hide and Seek

Another great game for your dog’s body and mind (I consider this payback time from the days when my dog was a puppy and kept hiding everywhere) is playing the classic game of hide and seek.

Get some treats and find good hiding spots, then let the fun begin! Your dog is going to be excited to see you, especially with a tasty treat in hand.

How to Make Your Dog Exercise Without Walking

We know that some owners prefer to exercise their dogs without using much strength or effort. If you’re looking for a way to get your dog into shape without walking, check out these ideas below!

Turn on the Laser

If you don’t feel like joining your dog today, it’s time to pull out the laser. Sit back, relax and let them hunt for the red dot.

This is a classic whether you have a dog or a cat. It’s a great way to get them running around and releasing some energy. They’re going to forget about the boredom quickly and focus on getting that red dot that keeps darting about. One day!

Pop Bubbles

You have to admit – no matter how old you are, blowing and popping bubbles is always going to be fun. So, get yourself a set and watch your dog turn into a ball of joy as it tries to get them!

Throw Treats in the Air for Your Dog to Catch

puppy playing around with a teddy bear soft toy
Dog Indoors Exercise Is Important for Your Puppy

Grab a few treats and throw them into the air!

Watch your dog jump in excitement and make sure it ends up between their teeth. This is a great activity to keep your dog fit that can also turn into a cool trick they can do every time you want to reward them with treats.

Not All Dog Indoors Exercises Have to Happen Inside Your House

Dog indoors exercise activities don’t mean that you should always stay inside the house. There are many activities to help your dog exercise where you can do elsewhere.

It will get them out of the house effectively, and they’ll experience something new and interesting with you:

Sign Up for A Yoga Class With Your Dog (Doga)

Have you heard about doga yet? This is the practice of doing yoga with your dog. It is a great way to bond with your dog and enjoy a really interesting activity while staying fit! There are plenty of benefits of doing doga for your dog.

It can be a great way to relax, as well as to spend some time with them. If your dog is older or has suffered an injury, doga is a great way to keep the muscles healthy.

Sign Up for a Swimming Class

Many dogs enjoy the water and love swimming. You can sign your dog up for a swimming class at least once a week. Swimming is one of the best physical exercises out there – not just for humans but for dogs as well.

It will keep your dog in shape and get them out of the house to interact with other dogs and people. Nothing like an indoor pool in the winter!

Play Dates

Don’t forget about your dog’s girlfriend and don’t let the cold set them apart!

Take your dog on play dates to play with other dogs, just like they do in the park. This will decrease the feeling of boredom and loneliness that dogs can experience during the winter when they’re inside for a longer period of time.

Go Outside Every Once in a While

dog gazing out in the snow
Dog Indoors Exercise in Every Weather

In countries with seasons where it can be awfully cold in the winter, don’t keep your dog indoors for the whole season. Even in the winter, there are days where you can stand being outside for a while. Use those days to take your dog for a walk and make sure to keep him warm with a vest.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your dog enjoy rolling in the snow. Let them have a little bit of fun, and then back inside when it’s warm and cozy.

Similarly for dogs in tropical countries like Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia, if it’s too hot or too cold (during the rainy monsoon season), look out for opportunities to let your dog out. It can be quite boring for your dog to stay indoors for the entire season.

So, get creative with your dog indoors exercise routine! Use the time to keep your dog fit, teach them tricks, and bond. Happy bonding with your puppy or dog!

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