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Why you need a Drinking Fountain for your Cats, Dogs, Pets

Why get a drinking fountain? Do your pet loves to play and drink with running water? Are they picky when it comes to clean water? And how can you be so sure they drink enough water? A proper drinking fountain can be an entertaining way for your bored pets to have fun drinking up!

Pets associate running water to clean and fresh water

Having a drinking fountain can keep your pet hydrated, active and happy because they prefer and a fresh and associate with clean water. The drinking fountain is affordable and has attractive designs and amazing features that absolutely love your pets. This product is perfect for your pets, especially dogs who love to play and drink with running water.

They will have fun because of the amazing free-falling water flow features that encourage dogs and cats to drink more and surely grab their attention. This can help their drinking habits and prevent health issues, insufficient water in a pet’s diet can cause urinary, liver and kidney diseases.

Most fountains use filtration system like charcoal filters to clean up water to prevent odor, foul tastes, and any dirt.

Running water Drinking Fountain for dog cats pets

Running water Drinking Fountain for dog cats pets

Easy replenish of drinking water for Cats and Dogs via Drinking Fountains

Sometimes, we pet owners may forget to replace or replenish our pets’ drinking water. Our pets do need clean and safe drinking water just like people. This is exactly what pet drinking fountains are for and busy pet owners find that advantageous.

For those pet owners that don’t have time to replace their pets water every day, this is the best device for you because water is so important.

Drinking Fountain comes with varied brands.

Some of the brands are:

  • PetSafe
  • CatMate
  • Pioneer Pet
  • Catit
  • Oster
  • American Valley Pet

One brand renowned for drinking fountains is PetSafe. They have pet accessory products such as pet fence, toys, doors, fountains and more. Their most outstanding fountain is PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain under the category of Pet Health and Wellness. This fountain can hold up to 1.3 gallons (4.92 litre) of water with a replaceable carbon filter which eliminates bad tastes, odors and keeps water fresh.

Drinking Fountain for dogs, cats, pets

Drinking Fountain for dogs, cats, pets

The PetSafe fountain has a small ramp to reduce the splash and noise. There is a 5-inch-high Free-falling water stream that enables you to control and improve the flow. The built-in reservoir that increases the capacity and makes refilling easier with low-voltage (12V) and submersible pump for nearly calm performance.

A Carbon filter is built in to remove odors and bad tastes from the water with pre-filter that captures debris and hair. There are rubber feet at the bottom to prevent the fountain on sliding and tipping. The parts are all made of BPA-free plastic for zero contamination and top-rack dishwasher safe. A 6-foot long power cord with incline connection is included. It is easy to be disassembly for easy cleaning.

Get a Drinking Fountain for cats, dogs now to ensure your pet gets plenty of water. Maintaining a Drinking fountain is easy and hassle-free and hard water stains are easily clean and removed from pet fountains. Suitable for any type of Cats and Dogs.

  • Drinking Fountain for dogs, cats, pets
    $161.80 $134.80

    PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum® Pet Fountain 168oz

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