Why you need a Drinking Fountain for your Cats, Dogs, Pets
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4 Remarkable Reasons Why a Drinking Fountain Will Make a Splash With Your Pet

Does your pet love to play and drink with running water? Are they picky when it comes to clean water?

How can you be so sure they drink enough water? A proper drinking fountain can be an entertaining and ingenious way for your bored pets to have fun chugging down this liquid that’s essential for life!

What Is a Pet Water Fountain?

A water fountain for pets is a unique product designed to cater to the needs of cats and dogs. This device provides your pet with clean and fresh water throughout the day.

It ensures a continuous supply of filtered water for your pet to drink.

Why Are Drinking Fountains Good for Cats and Dogs?

Sure, drinking fountains are affordable with attractive designs and amazing features that your pets will love, but what other key benefits do they offer?

Let’s find out!

Keeps Your Pet Engaged

A drinking fountain can keep your pet hydrated, active, and happy because they prefer and associate it with fresh and clean water. For example, you may notice how your pet cat is always attracted to running water.

It is a product that is perfect for your pets, especially vivacious dogs that love to play and drink with running water.

They will have fun because of the amazing free-falling water flow features that grab their attention. Plus, cats are infamous for their pickiness when it comes to drinking water, so this will certainly help in a safe way!

Advanced Filtration Systems to Boost Your Pet’s Health

Most fountains use filtration systems like charcoal filters to clean up water to prevent odour, foul taste, and any dirt from collecting.

natural water spring in a forest
Natural Running Water that a Drinking Fountain Emulates

Convenient for Busy Pet Owners

Sometimes, pet owners may forget to replace or replenish their pets’ drinking water. Our pets need clean and safe drinking water just like people. This is exactly what pet drinking fountains are for and why busy pet owners find them advantageous.

For pet owners who don’t have time to replace their pets’ water every day, this is the best device for you because water is so important.

Keeps Your Pet Hydrated and Healthy

Apart from the ease of convenience offered by a drinking fountain, it can also work to encourage your pet to drink more.

This can help their drinking habits and prevent health issues because insufficient water in a pet’s diet can cause urinary, liver and kidney diseases.

What Is the Safest Cat and Dog Water Fountain?

There are various brands of drinking fountains available in the market, like:

  • PetSafe
  • CatMate
  • Pioneer Pet
  • Catit
  • Oster
  • American Valley Pet

One brand renowned for drinking fountains is PetSafe. They have pet accessory products such as pet fences, toys, doors, fountains, and more.

Their most outstanding fountain is the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. This fountain can hold up to 1.3 gallons (4.92 litres) of water with a replaceable carbon filter that prevents bad tastes and smells while maintaining the freshness of the water.

Drinking Fountain for dogs, cats, pets
Dog Drinking from PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum Water Fountain

The PetSafe Fountain has a small ramp to reduce splashing and noise. There is a 5-inch-high free-falling water stream that enables you to control and improve the flow. The built-in reservoir increases the capacity and makes refilling easier with low voltage (12V) and a submersible pump for nearly calm performance.

A built-in carbon filter removes unpleasant odours and bad flavours from the water with a pre-filter that captures debris and hair.

There are rubber feet at the bottom to prevent the fountain from sliding and tipping. The parts are all made of BPA-free plastic for zero contamination and are top-rack dishwasher safe. A 6-foot long power cord with an incline connection is included. It is easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.

Get a drinking fountain for cats and dogs now to ensure that your pet gets plenty of water. Maintaining a drinking fountain is easy and hassle-free! Hard water stains are also easily cleaned and removed from pet fountains. They are also suitable for any type of pet.

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