Fresh air for dogs and pets everyday!
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Fresh air for dogs and pets everyday!

Dogs love fresh air every day! “I need fresh air…” you might have heard somebody said that once or twice or maybe it’s you who said that when you needed a break. A small break to get fresh air is nice every once or twice in a day, especially if you’re inside an air-conditioned room for 8-10 hours daily.

Has it ever occurred in your mind that your dog might need it too? Is your dog okay with the living condition it has now? Let’s take a look at your dog and hopefully we can do all we can to give them the best living condition we can offer.

Is Fresh Air Good For Dogs?

Yes, it is good because we all need fresh air. Fresh air is vital for humans, pets, and plants. Our pet’s body (and ours too) need oxygen in fresh air to breath. The oxygen will be sent to the body’s circulatory system to all parts of the body. Fresh air also used in the respiratory system to maintain acid and base balance, act as a blood reservoir, takes part in cell metabolism, and essential for immunity.

Dogs are dogs! They need to release all the energy by running, digging, chasing things, and playing outside. By giving the time outside, they can go on adventures with their active noses to track different scents, to sniff and explore!

Here are a few ways by you can do to give your dog fresh air even in indoor:

  • Crack a Window: If you are busy and can’t walk your dog in the morning because you have work to do, you can open the window for a few minutes before you leave so the air inside the house can be replaced by the fresh one outside. You can also do this at night at the room where your dog is sleeping so he can get cool fresh air in the place where he sleeps.
  • Walks: walks are important, especially for indoor dogs. Go jogging in the morning so you and your doggo can benefit from this new routine every day.
  • Ask for help in dog-walking: whether it’s your friendly neighbor, a teenage kids looking for a few bucks, or even a dog-walker can help you to get your dog the fresh air he needs.
  • Houseplants for pets’ fresh air: Yes, houseplants can purify air quality. It can be anything that you like, from Aloe vera, Gerber daisies, Golden pothos, Chrysanthemums, Spider plants, Azaleas, English Ivy, Chinese evergreens, Bamboo palms, to Peace lilies.

Pro tip! Install a magnetic screen door so your pet can get fresh air without having to worry that bugs and mosquitos entering your home. These are specialized magnetic net screen door for dog pets cats. You can thank me later 😉

How Much Time Should Dog Spend Outside?

Dogs would love to spend at least 30 minutes daily outside. If the time spent outside for your dog means it’s the time when they are walking, the answer is they can walk as long as they want to! According to PetMD, most dogs benefit from 30 minutes to two hours of physical activity per day. You can go all at once or you can break it up to two or three walks per day, as long as it fits your schedule. If you can’t, hiring a dog-walker is a nice thing to consider.


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Dog exercising and running for fresh air

There’s no limit, really, for how far you can walk your dog, as long as they’re happy and comfortable. Whether it’s just a short walk around the block or a jog in the park, remember it takes time to build distance and stamina.

A walk is good for a dog’s mental health so they can avoid becoming anxious or destructive. Walking your dog is a great way to bond and you can also fulfill their needs with a potty break when walking. Don’t forget to clean up your dog’s poopoo so everyone can enjoy a walk in the park or the neighborhood.

A large dog needs to walk more and longer than a small dog

Don’t forget, size matters. A German Shepherd dog may go faster and walk longer than a Maltese. Be considerate of their age, activity level, health, and breed. A younger dog might be up to a jog while a senior dog might walk at a slower pace. Puppies want to play but don’t drag them on a super-long walk! Brachycephalic dogs like Pugs and Bulldogs might have breathing difficulties, therefore their walk should be shorter (20 minutes is alright), while a fun energetic Golden Retriever will more likely to whine if their walk is that short!

Again, be considerate and attentive to your dog. They might not talk but their behavior will tell you whether they are exhausted or tired.

Is the weather or air too hot for my pet?

Yes, it can be too hot for your dog, especially when the weather is sunny. In weather like Singapore and Southeast Asia, it can be brutally hot, and the pavement or road reaches piping hot temperatures. If it is too hot, your dog may still be eager to run outside. Keep the walks short with lots of opportunities for the dog to drink water and keep cool under shade.

You may prefer to have the whole walking journey under shade, but if the dog does want to run under the sun, it is okay if the duration is short. Alternatively, you can walk the dog at evening or night.

Give your dog plenty of water, but don’t stop taking your dog for walks, your dogs love the fresh air outside and are a wonderful animal that craves for outdoor walks.

Do Dogs Prefer To Be Inside Or Outside?

Our dogs are a member of the family. They share our beds, our house, and most importantly, our heart. Before answering the question, whether dogs prefer to be inside or outside, it’s important to know that dogs are a social animal. They are a sociable animal, whether it’s communicating to their owner, other dogs, or watching herds animal like cows and sheep.

If what you mean by living outside for dogs means chains all their life at the backyard, the answer is no. If dogs can talk and you are willing to listen, mostly they will ask to be inside at home so they can have shelter and lovingly home. Forcing a dog to live outside all year is unkind, even though some dogs enjoy spending time outside, there should be no dog living outdoor all his whole life.

Keep in mind that outside dogs don’t make good guard dogs; they are never inside, therefore they won’t consider your house their territory.

If it’s too hot for them, they can get overheated quickly as they can’t sweat like us, human, but can only pant their breath. You wouldn’t want to be chained in a hot asphalt all your life, would you? Please don’t do the same for your dog. If it’s raining and cold, they can only wait outside and wait for the sun to come and dry their fur.

Remember, dogs have domesticated a long time ago and they rely on us for comfort and safety.

Some dogs that live in country properties that spend lots of time helping their owner may not mind living outside during the day and on a warm night. These breeds are the farmer dogs that work with farm animals, but even they should be brought inside if it’s too hot or too cold outside.

If you still have to put your dog outside, you should provide them with:

  • Shelter is a must. When the wind is blowing and snow falling, when the sun is too hot, or when the rain and thunder are happening, your shelter can be a place for your dog to retreat.
  • Food should be provided to keep the dog healthy. If it’s cold outside, they will need extra food to keep them warm (a high-fat diet can do). Take time to check whether the food is still good or not if you put them outside because there are chances that ants or other bugs will try to get some food from your dog’s bowl too.
  • Water should always be available all day every day. Change the water daily to keep them clean.

Don’t force all dogs to live inside all the time without them knowing what’s happening outside at all that they can’t even get fresh air, also you shouldn’t force a dog to live in the chain all his life outside alone. Locking them in a crate so you don’t have to interact with them is also a big no.

A dog might not be a human, but they are our family too. If you can’t commit to such thing as giving them a loving home or you are too lazy to interact with them, you shouldn’t own a dog at all.

Do Dogs like Living indoors in the house or apartment?

Yes, they like living in the house because they need companionship. Dogs are social animals, they like the company of family members living in the house. Dogs who don’t socialize much are unhappy and can become fearful, anxious, destructive, aggressive, or depressed.

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Dogs can socialise with cats and other animals too!

Lonely dogs who live outside all their life are harder to train. They don’t have the bond to their owner, unlike the dogs who live inside and have a strong relationship with their owner, they are more likely to listen.

If dogs live inside they know the house rule that you made, be it: no begging for food at the dining room, no barking, staying calm, and so on. If your dog is chained outside all the time, they are more likely to bark, howl, escape, destroy things, or jump on people because of all the unreleased energy. They are more aggressive to their territory too.

If you own a dog, they should be able to come indoors and spend time with you.

Spending time with them will help them be happier and well behaved. Just don’t forget that inside dogs need fresh air too and there are several things I mentioned above that you can do!

Does Cat need fresh air too?

Yes, cats and all pets prefer fresh air from outdoor.

It is true that cats prefer to stay indoors than outdoors (in most cases, but of course there are always the usual exceptional cats: many of our cat communities shared stories of how extraordinary their cats are), cats do love fresh air from windows and vents.

  • Windows for fresh air! Do take note to have nettings or screens to prevent cats from jumping outside. Cats are too curious at times and many cats are injured from jumping out at a sight that they are curious about (chasing bugs, for example)
  • doors with gates or screens that prevent cats from moving outside but cool air to breeze through.


Should I have my dog stay off the grass when it goes outdoor for fresh air?

It depends. Most grass patches outside are cleaner and do not have fleas and ticks. However, some grass patches may have fleas due to other dogs roaming around, and it may be not ideal for your dog. Most grass fields are safe, I am highlighting that there is always the chance that you are unlucky and get hit by fleas due to isolated incidents.

If you want to play safe, you can always not allow your dog to roam at the grass area and stick to some areas that you are used to.

As a dog owner, I take small chances as I know how happy my dog is when it is allowed to run across the field and sniff and the different types of flowers and grass species. I do not bath my dog daily, I only bath him weekly using dog shampoo and grooming lotion.

Your dog brings you smiles every day! Lets try to give them happiness daily too! =)

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