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Can Hamsters Eat Crackers

Hamsters Pet owners Commonly asked FAQs

Hamsters are popular pets that are loved by people around the world. They are easily maintained and are very fun companions. However, all owners have questions regarding their hamsters. Here, we will be answering those questions to the best of our abilities.

Hamsters love to eat nuts, seeds, corns etc

Hamsters love to eat nuts, seeds, corns etc

Hamsters Common Frequently Asked Questions

Can hamsters swim?

  • No! Hamsters cannot swim and they have a high chance of drowning.
  • Even if they do not drown, they run the risk of contracting pneumonia. A general rule of thumb is to keep your hamster away from water.

Is it normal for a hamster’s teeth to fall out?

  • No, it’s not. A hamster’s teeth grow continuously throughout their life.
  • Their teeth falling out is usually a sign of dental disease. Bring your hamster to a vet promptly.

Is it ok if my hamster is eating its own poop?

  • Yes, that’s fine. Hamsters have a stronger stomach than humans.
  • They produce two different types of poop. One type is pure rubbish and one is partially digested which still has nutrients. They then eat the partially digested poop to fully digest the nutrients.

How do you interpret your hamster’s behaviour?

  • Sudden continuous face washing or convulsive actions may mean fright or anxiety.
  • Lying backwards on its back or walking with stiff legs indicates fear.
  • Stretching and yawning with half-closed eyes indicates inner peace or happiness.
  • Stroking his head with its paw indicates tenderness.

Do all vets treat hamsters?

  • No, vets that treat hamsters are usually referred to as exotic vets.
  • Before buying a hamster, make sure to find a vet near your area that is able to treat them.
  • A hamster deteriorates very quickly when he gets sick. Finding a vet wastes precious time and could cost a life.

What’s a good hamster cage or habitat?

Hamsters need a good cage for them to roam and explore

Hamsters need a good cage for them to roam and explore

  • Funnily enough, aquariums serve as great hamster habitats. the glass sides make sure the shavings stay int he habitat, reducing the chance of a mess. Try to get a larger habitat as hamsters typically thrive in larger spaces.
  • Also, using wire cages are fine as well although shavings might spill out. Hamsters may also climb out of the cage, risking fall injuries.
  • Ground floor space is also always more important than multiple levels. Wire cage bars should also be narrower to prevent escape, especially smaller hamsters.
  • Plastic and tube cages are increasingly popular. They are easy to clean, light and safe. Snap-locking lids also make them escape-proof.

What should my hamster’s diet be?

  • Feeding them store-bought pellets or mixes are usually good enough. However, a leading cause of obesity in hamsters are sunflower seeds and peanuts.
  • Hence, remove these ingredients from the mix before feeding. Always give your hamster some extra food. This is because they tend to hoard excess food for consumption at a later date.
  • This thus ensures your hamster is well-fed and not hungry.
  • The excess sunflower seeds and peanuts can then be used as treats.

Can You Bathe Your Hamster?

Hamsters actually keep themselves meticulously clean and they usually have no odour. If a strong odour can be detected, it usually signifies a much larger problem. Then, it is recommended for you to bring it to a registered veterinarian. That said, bathing is actually not recommended for hamsters and their cleanliness should be maintained in other ways.

However, why can’t you bathe your hamster? Hamsters are susceptible to colds. Getting one wet will only increase the chance of it falling ill. They also have essential oils on their skin and fur which keeps them healthy. However, in the case where your hamster’s fur has come into contact with something toxic, it is acceptable to use water to remove it. In this case, wash it in a warm place and quickly dry it. Only put it back in its cage when it is completely dry.

Hamsters love nuts, seeds!

Hamsters love nuts, seeds!

How To Get Rid Of Dirt On My Hamster?

Sometimes, your hamster may have poop or dirt on them. Avoid bathing it to remove that. Grab a soft toothbrush and use it to gently brush the fur.

This will help remove all dirt and poop that is trapped in the fur. Use this time to check your hamster’s health. Check for abscesses or tumours when brushing its belly. Bring it to a vet if you find something suspicious.

Why Is My Hamster So Smelly?

If the smell isn’t coming from the bedding and from the hamster, you should find a solution immediately. The most common reason is that the cage is not cleaned properly and frequently. If you live in terrible living conditions, you will naturally smell bad too. Your hamster is not different.

Clean his cage once a week while smaller cages should be cleaned twice a week. Also, any odour may also be caused by a disease. Send him to a veterinarian immediately and find a solution.

What Kind Of Human Foods Can Hamsters Eat?

hamsters love to eat fruits

hamsters love to eat fruits

Some foods that humans can eat is bread. Feed them small amounts of brown bread as a treat. However, it is not particularly good for them. Hence, do not feed them too much. Hamsters can also eat most fruits like bananas, grapes and apples. In particular, bananas and apples are great for your hamster.

This is because of its high nutritional benefits. Both are a source of dietary fiber and bananas to help relieve constipation. However, cut the fruits into smaller pieces to make sure your hamster does not choke.

Hamsters can also eat grapes but it is not recommended. This is because the grape seeds are usually too big and may get stuck in the hamster’s intestine. Grapes are also very high in sugar which may cause diabetes in hamsters.

Hamsters can also eat cheese. However, cheese should not be a large part of your hamster’s diet. Feeding cheese to your hamster once a week as a treat is a good idea. However, ensure that your hamster does not have any allergic reaction to it. The cheese you feed your hamster should be mild and low in fat.

In general, feed all these foods in limited amounts. Too much of a good thing may be bad.

Where Can I Buy Equipment For My Hamster?

PetFoodCare is one of the traditional pet shops in Singapore. We work with traditional suppliers for the past few decades to build up a community of pet lovers. We try to bring in the best hamster food, hamster cages, and the best quality equipment. Check it out here!


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