How much food to feed a dog or puppy by weight?
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How much food to feed a dog or puppy by weight?

Many pet owners, new or old are uncertain about how much to feed their dogs. Many pet owners love their dogs and are heart pained to see their dog seemly hungry and asking for more food. Too little food may mean malnourished dogs in vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Dogs are scavengers in nature and tend to overeat as much as they can because they are not sure their next meal. For domestic dogs who have regular feeding daily, this is not an issue, and dogs can overeat and get fat and numerous health issues.

Hence, do feed your dog appropriately and not just give them as much as they desire.

The simple way of how much dog food to feed is by weight of the dog or puppy. A perfect amount of healthy food for your pet with a proper schedule daily helps to keep your furkid happy, content and healthy.

We will discuss on the optimal amount of food to feed your dog.

How much is 1 cup of dry food for dog (or cat)?

The estimated food below to feed are all based on 1 cup of dry food is equal to 8 ounces, or 224 grams of dry food. This is an estimate for dog food.

How much is canned dog food (or wet food) equals 1 cup of dry food?

If you are feeding your dog cooked food or canned food (wet dog food), do note that as there are more water in the food, you will have to give more canned food to substitute for dry food. Due to the varying nature of cooked or canned food, you may want to check out the can food labels or ask a vet. Usually, a good estimate of canned food is to replace 100 gram of dry food with 120 to 125 grams of canned or wet food. (1.25 cup of canned food replace 1 cup of dry food)

Reminder: all the estimates below are for dry food. Do estimate appropriately if you are using wet food (canned or cooked food).

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How much to feed Toy Dogs Breed (under 4.5 kg weight)?

Toy dogs like Yorkshire, terriers, pomeranian, havanese usually weight less than 4.5kg (10 pounds). If you have a toy dog, this is the ESTIMATED amount of dog food to feed

  1. 75 grams (1/3 cup) of food for weight of 1.36kg
  2. 115 grams (1/2 cup) of food for weight of 2.72kg

How much to feed Small dogs (4.5 kg to 9 kg)?

Small dogs are considered larger than toy breeds, but still small enough. Some examples of small dogs are Shih tzus, pugs, dachshunds etc. This is the ESTIMATED amount of dog food to feed

  1. 170 grams (3/4 cup) of food for dog weight of 4.5kg
  2. 225 grams (1 cup) of food for dog weight of 6.8kg
  3. 375 grams (1 and 2/3 cup) of food for dog weight of 9 kg

How much to feed medium sized dogs (13.6 kg to 22.7 kg)?

Medium-sized dogs are much bigger than small dogs, and there are a few popular breeds in Singapore and Asia for this sized dogs. Some examples of medium-sized dogs are bull terrier, collie, Australian shepherd. This is the ESTIMATED amount of dog food to feed.

  1. 395 grams (1 and 3/4 cup) of food for dog weight of 13.6kg
  2. 505 grams (2 and 1/4 cup) of food for dog weight of 18.2kg
  3. 600 grams (2 and 2/3 cup) of food for dog weight of 22.7 kg

How much to feed large dogs (More than 22.7 kg)?

Large dogs are easily recognised. Due to size limit in HDB flats, they are usually spotted only in condos or landed houses. Some examples of large dogs are golden retrievers, Rottweiler, german shepherds etc. This is the ESTIMATED amount of dog food to feed large breeds.

  1. 675 grams (3 cup) of food for dog weight of 27.2kg
  2. 785 grams (3 and 1/2 cup) of food for dog weight of 31.8kg
  3. 840 grams (3 and 3/4 cup) of food for dog weight of 36.3 kg
  4. 955 grams (4 and 1/4 cup) of food for dog weight of 40.8 kg
  5. 1010 grams (4 and 1/2 cup) of food for dog weight of 45.4 kg
  6. Add an extra 75gram of food for every extra 4.5kg weight if your dog weighs more than 45.4kg.

How often should I feed my dog or puppy?

We should feed a puppy twice a day, and an adult dog once a day

  1. Puppy – feed them twice or thrice a day
  2. Adult dog – feed them once a day

Puppies usually nurse as much as they want off their mother’s milk for the first 8 weeks. After they are about 1 month old, they can start eating some watered-soaked dry food, to help them transit to solid food and getting a wider range of nutrients.

When they are above 2 months old, they can start eating solid food twice a day.

When is my puppy considered an adult dog?

When a dog reaches 90% of its estimated adult weight, you can consider it to be an adult dog and adjust the feeding schedule, type of dog food, and amount accordingly. Adult dog food should help your dog to maintain their weight and size with proper nutrients (instead of giving them to grow).

Most dogs grow out of their puppies’ growing stages by 7 months, though some larger breeds may take 1 year over to reach their adult stage.

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How much should my dog eat based on his age or health condition?

As you can guess, puppies eat more, and there are special diets for puppies with higher minerals and proteins for growth. An adult dog needs to eat less than a puppy to prevent them from getting fat. Senior dogs are elderly and start to have weaker jaws, hence they may prefer softer food and started to eat less as their metabolism decreases.

If your dog suffers from health conditions, you may also take precautions on his food. You may have to consult a veterinarian about the type of food, amount, and schedule for your dog. There are a few common health conditions, such as urinary stones, kidney diseases, weight issues, or heart and liver problems that trouble dogs.

How much to feed is also based on your dog active levels.

Every dog is unique. If your dog is very active and likes to run around your home daily, you may feed him more than the estimated amount for his breed. On the other hand, if your dog likes to laze around, and sleep more, you may want to reduce his food intake to match his low calories usage.

Do observe your dog and see if his weight is optimal, though most of us dog owners tend to overfeed our dogs and have dogs with fat problems, some of us may unknowingly give too little dog food and cause them to have skinnier frames than usual.

Remember, dogs are our living love, and their preferences and needs do change with times!

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