Human Foods Dogs Can Eat: What Foods Can You Share With Your Dog?
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Human Foods Dogs Can Eat: What Foods Can You Share With Your Dog?

Who can resist the adorable and curious eyes of a dog that wants a bite (or two, or more) of your hot dog or ice cream?

Have you ever caught your dog devouring some of your food and then freaked out about it? Were you frantically thinking if it was safe and whether they were going to be okay? We’ve compiled a list of different foods that are safe to share and enjoy together with your dog.

Scroll down below to the end for more information on why dogs cannot eat some human food. For example, do you know that grapes and chocolate are toxic and fatal to dogs?

Foods That Dogs Can Eat

  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Blackberries
  4. Blueberries
  5. Carrots
  6. Cheese (limited to small quantities)
  7. Cashew nuts, almonds (limited to small amount)
  8. Eggs
  9. Green peas
  10. Meat (without too much seasoning)
  11. Oatmeal
  12. Peanut butter
  13. Pineapple
  14. Pumpkin
  15. Rice
  16. Ripe tomatoes (limit to small amount)
  17. Spinach
  18. Sweet potatoes
  19. Salmon
  20. Yoghurt
  21. Watermelon

Foods That Dogs Cannot Eat

These foods are poisonous and dangerous to dogs:

  1. Alcohol or alcohol-infused food
  2. Avocadoes
  3. Candy
  4. Chocolate
  5. Coconut
  6. Caffeine (coffee and tea)
  7. Garlic
  8. Grapes and raisins
  9. Macadamia nuts
  10. Onions
  11. Peaches
  12. Excess salt (do not use salt nor seasoning on meat or treats for your dogs)
  13. Tomatoes
  14. Raw eggs (some raw food diet dog owners do give raw eggs, pls check that the eggs are pasteurised and fresh)
  15. Any other raw food, or food that contains bones (if you are pro-raw-food diet, make sure the source of the meat and bones are clean and dependable)

What Fruits Can I Give to My Dog?

Not all fruits are safe for dogs. When giving fruit to your dog, make sure to peel the skin, remove the seeds, and cut them into pieces that are safe for them to consume. However, when it comes to human foods dogs can eat, there are a few fruits that you can feed your best friend:


Bananas are full of carbohydrates and fibre that can be beneficial for your dog’s health. A peeled banana is a human food that can be a great dog treat every now and then as long as you remember to peel the skin. The peel isn’t toxic (so if you ever see your dog eating it, don’t worry), but it is harder to digest – so avoid it to prevent tummy problems.


Another great source of vitamins, apples are full of vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as fibre that is good for your dog. An apple a day will keep your dog’s bad breath away, and improve your dog’s dental health.


While we are at good sources of fibre for your dogs, we can’t forget about pumpkin. It is also full of iron, magnesium and zinc. A teaspoon of pumpkin in your dog’s bowl can help greatly with the digestive tract, prevention of health problems, and in fighting parasites, as well as their coating. You can use canned pumpkins as many of us often do.


If you are giving your dog watermelon, make sure you remove the seeds first! Once you do so, watermelon is one of the human foods that your dog can enjoy. Just like with humans, watermelon is a good antioxidant for dogs. It is refreshing and yummy, and safe for dogs as long as you serve it properly, and of course in controlled portions.


Maybe not on pizza though. Pineapple is a great source of zinc, magnesium, and calcium. However, this is one of the human foods for dogs that you want to serve fresh and not out of a can. Canned pineapple is swimming in sugar that the slices absorb, and too much sugar isn’t good for anyone – not even your dog.

dog loves to look at our kitchen table and hunger for human food
What Are the Foods You Can and Cannot Give to Your Dog?

What Vegetables Can I Give to My Dog?

Again, just as with fruits – not all vegetables are safe for dogs. Peel where necessary, remove the seeds, and serve in controlled portions.


Spinach is one of the healthiest human food. It is good for dogs as well. We all know that spinach is full of all the healthy stuff – vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Spinach is really good for your dog’s bones, and to combat anaemia as it is full of iron.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another great source of vitamins and fibre that your dog can enjoy! A boiled sweet potato is a natural source of Vitamin B, A and C, which are all great for digestion, vision and healthy bones.


If you want to make sure there’s a good level of potassium in your dog’s diet, peas are a great option.


This is a great crunchy snack that will make your dog’s teeth stronger, and plenty of fibre to aid their nutrition. It is a great snack if it is a hungry boy on a diet, just like with people!

human food that is safe to treat a dog
Human Foods Safe for Dogs

Other Human Foods Your Dog Loves to Eat


As long as eggs are cooked, they are safe for your dog to consume. They can be a great protein treat for your buddy.

Yoghurt and Cheese

A source of calcium for both humans and dogs, low-fat yoghurt and cheese contain probiotics and calcium that are healthy for the bones and digestive system! However, please give a moderate amount as excessive portions of these tasty human foods may cause dogs to have digestive discomfort.


If you have a dog (or even a cat), for a while now, your vet has probably told you at least once to give your dog some boiled rice with chicken to help your dog with tummy aches. Add boiled carrots to it and it will be a happy boy!

The Meat From Your Lunch or Dinner

As long as it isn’t full of bones and too much salt, well-cooked meat that you just made for lunch or dinner will be a delight for your dog.

Why Are Dogs Unable to Eat Grapes, Raisins, Onions, Avocados, Caffeine, and Chocolate?

Grapes, chocolate, onions, avocados, caffeinated coffee and tea are dangerous to dogs and should never be given to them because they may be fatal.


Grapes and raisins contain compounds that are toxic to dogs. They are safe human food for us but dogs cannot digest grapes properly. Even a small amount can lead to kidney failure and death.


Chocolate is one of the best human foods invented, but it’s not the same for dogs.

Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, two stimulants that are fine for humans but bad for dogs. Dogs cannot metabolise caffeine and theobromine.

Your dog may have diarrhoea, vomiting, or dehydration if it eats chocolate. In some cases, chocolates may be fatal to dogs if it leads to internal bleeding, seizures and tremors.


Onions and all onion products (leaves, juice, processed onions) have N-propyl disulfide that is toxic to dogs. It causes anaemia in dogs by damaging their red blood cells.

A dog with anaemia from eating onions will get weak, experience a decrease in appetite, get tired easily or faint from the lack of oxygen. In serious cases, they may need a blood transfusion to recover.


Many of us, particularly fitness aficionados, find that avocadoes are a wonderful type of human food.

Avocados contain persin, which is extremely toxic to dogs. Dogs can have breathing problems with insufficient oxygen levels, leading to death. Persin is present in all parts of avocado, including the fruit, pit, leaves, and bark, so keep all avocadoes safely away from your pet dogs.

Caffeine (Coffee and Tea)

Caffeine serves as a stimulant for us but these stimulants are bad for dogs. It can cause dogs to be hyperactive, have increased heart rates, and lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, tremors, and seizures.

If unchecked, dogs can die from lung failure and abnormal heart rates from consuming too much caffeine. So, make sure your daily cup of coffee or tea is out of reach of your dog.

dog staring hungrily at a plate of chips, salad and burger
Dogs Enjoy Human Food Because of the Salt and Seasoning

Remember This When Feeding Your Dog Human Food

You can find a lot of the human foods as ingredients in the food that you buy for your dog. However, remember that dogs don’t need a plate full of pumpkin or a plate full of rice just like you sometimes do.

When it comes to feeding your dog human foods, remember that it comes in moderation. To them, a tablespoon of mashed sweet potatoes or just a few slices of apple are enough.

Just because these human foods are listed as safe to eat, do not risk feeding them to your dog if you know that it has health complications or digestion problems that require a certain diet. You know your dog better than anyone else out there, so you can estimate best what to give and what not to give to your dog.

The main thing that dogs need is proteins, and along with the rest of the vitamins and minerals needed, you can find all these elements in the dog food that you are buying.

So, fruits and vegetables or anything else from the pantry that is safe to eat should not be a replacement for your dog’s food. It can only be an addition.

Now go and give him a treat! 🙂

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