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Dogs can socialise with cats and other animals too!

Pets Get Along: 5 Tips To Turn Your Cat And Dog From Enemies To Friends And Stop The Craziness

If you are new to having a dog and a cat at the same time, then it is very possible that you are experiencing some troubles with them coexisting. Hissing, barking, chasing around and attacking.. your house just turned into a madhouse. Y

ou can’t leave them alone for a minute because they are going to go after each other and you’ll be the one losing their nerves over it. But don’t worry, this is normal and in most cases – totally fixable.

So, here are five tips for successful pets get along and some peace in the house.

does dog cat pets get along

does dog cat pets get along

Why Are My Cat And Dog Not Getting Along?

The answer is simple: fear of the unknown. If you have had one of them for a while and then you bring the other pet in the house – it is normal that the cat/dog that is already in your home for a while feels and acts protective and possessive over you and over every single thing in your home.

They are not familiar with this new creature that all of a sudden appeared – and they might feel threatened and afraid, often times also jealous. So, their initial reaction is to attack your new cat/dog. Also, there’s just the natural, instinctive rivalry between dogs and cats which of course, doesn’t really help in this situation.

Think of it as a kid who after a few years gets a new sibling. Even we can get a little jealous and crazy over the new member of the family.

Tips For Pets Get Along

One thing you need to know is that the older the cat/dog you already have at home and the one that you are about to bring or just brought home is that the younger they are the easier it will be for them to adjust. The older they get the problems do get bigger. But, we are here for you! So, here are five tips to help in the process of coexisting:

does dog get along with cats and other pets

does dog get along with cats and other pets

Be Patient

This is one of the most important things. Remember that it might take a little bit of time before the things you do to help your pets get along actually work. This is a new situation and a new environment for both of them, so be more present, keep an eye on them and give them time.

It is definitely possible to better the situation. However, it does take patience and time, so hang in there and don’t go crazy (even though you will be tempted to, many times in the process).

Give Them Space

And by this I mean give them space literally. Don’t expect that putting them in the same room all of a sudden and at all times of day can be a good idea. Create a pleasant environment for both of them in your house or apartment, where they can have their own time and not feel invaded.

do cats get along with dogs and other pets

do cats get along with dogs and other pets

This way both of them will feel like they have their own safe territory, even though they’re so close and in the same house. And also, do expect confrontation!

Let The Introduction Happen Gradually

The whole introduction process should be carefully played out. Whatever you do, know the personality of both your animals first. If they’re naturally a little aggressive and explosive – then keep your eyes wide open because they can start attacking one another. Make sure to keep them on a safe distance in the beginning and be present when they are together because otherwise, they might hurt each other. That is how animals are. Sometimes they don’t understand that they should solve the things with a conversation, right? 🙂

During The Time They Are Separated – Keep Introducing Them To Their Scents

Both cats and dogs love to sniff. And the reason they do this isn’t because everything in the world smells pleasant. They do it because it helps them get familiar with the things around them. When a cat or a dog feels your scent they recognize it and they know it’s you. This is how they recognize their own babies and can tell their friends from enemies.

So this is where introducing them to their scents gets in the game. Take your dog’s toy to your cat’s room and the other way around. Give your cat’s blankie to the dog for a little bit.

By mixing their scents, the pet gets along should improve. They will slowly get used to each other’s smell and won’t mind being in each other’s presence as much.

Declaw Your Cat, Keep Your Dog On A Leash

…and do whatever you can to make their interaction together less painful cause they are going to go after one another. So, if your cat likes to jump and scratch and your dog likes to run and scare other animals – it is time you make sure this doesn’t happen.

do cats get along with dogs and other pets

do cats get along with dogs and other pets

Having your dog and cat mixing well with other pets

When introducing a cat and a dog, a key factor to their successful coexisting is to gradually work on the situation. Prepare the environment before you bring the new member of the family in the house. Give them enough space where they can be by themselves and feel safe. Let them get used to one another.

Don’t forget to always, always supervise the interaction in the beginning. It is normal that they will feel threatened by one another, and it remember that it takes more for some pets to start getting along than others.

Know their personalities to give the best approach you can to both of them. Give rewards and don’t force them to get together if they are not ready yet. Be patient and lead the pets to get along process carefully and step by step.

Eventually, most cats and dogs learn to coexist. So, after a while, the fights should stop. The most important thing to do is to be equally there for both of them. This way you will eliminate the feeling of jealousy. They won’t feel threatened by losing their best friend.

Good luck and kudos to you for bringing them together! We hope your pets get along mission is successful!

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