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  • Cardinal Gold’s Medal Ear Powder 30g


    Gives relief from irritated, itching ears of non-parasitic origin. Dries wet ears and helps inhibit bacteria growth caused by moist ear environments. Stops ear odors. Designed specially to help grip and remove excess unwanted hair from the ear canal.

    • Dries ear canal and eliminates odors

    • Relieves irritated, itchy ears

    • Inhibits bacterial growth

    • Helps stop ear odors

    • Help remove excess ear hair

  • Sale! Gold MedalCardinal Gold's Medal Flea and Tick Shampoo

    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Shampoo 17oz (500ml)


    The Gold Medal Pets brand is a line of professional dog grooming shampoos and health care products with luxurious formulas and scents.

    The Cardoplex system (a combination of fruit acids, vitamins, proteins) is used in Gold Medal Pets shampoo and conditioner bases so every specialized formula will rinse and dry faster! Whether you air dry, towel dry or use a dryer you will notice the difference.

    Pro-Vitamin B-5 is a moisturizing ingredient that adds luster and shine to the coat. It also helps to thicken the hair and prevent future damage.

  • Sale! Cardinal-Golds-Medal-Dog-and-Cat-Shampoo-1gallonCardinal Golds Medal Flea and Tick Shampoo 1 Gallon

    Cardinal Golds Medal Shampoo 1 Gallon

    • Long lasting fragrance
    • Gentle on coats
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    Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Hot Spot Spray 8oz

    • Works fast to numb and relieve minor pain
    • Reduces redness and minor swelling.
    • Promotes the healing of minor skin irritations caused by itching and scratching.
    • May be used as often as necessary.
  • Sale! Remedy Recovery Hydrocortisone LotionRemedy Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion

    Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion 4oz

    • Provides relief from flea bites, dermatitis and skin irritations.
    • Relieves itching for periods of time and thus reduces stress.
    • Reduces inflammation and redness.
    • Dries up moisture.
  • Sale! Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Medicated ShampooCardinal Remedy+Recovery Medicated Shampoo

    Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Medicated Shampoo 8oz

    • Relief of the symptoms of seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, itching, irritation, redness, flaking.
    • Kills bacteria germs & fungus
    • Disinfects
  • Sale! DermCare Aloveen Oatmeal shampoo and ConditioenrDermCare Aloveen Oatmeal Instensive Conditioner

    DermCare Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo Conditioner 500ml


    Dermcare Aloveen Oatmeal Shampoo and Aloveen Oatmeal Intensive Conditioner are formulated with extracts of oatmeal in an aloe vera gel base. Aloveen’s emollient action helps restore coat lustre, with a soothing action of oatmeal.

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    Dermcare Malaseb Medicated Shampoo 500g

    • For primary and secondary seborrhoeic dermatitis
    • Removal of secondary infection
    • Keratolytic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antipruritic
    • Aid in the treatment of dermatophyte infections
    • Sterilises the coat of dermatophyte spores
    • Removes damaged lipids
  • EarthBath-Hypoallergenic-shampooEarthBath-Hypoallergenic-shampoo-dESCRIPTION

    Earthbath HypoAllergenic Pet Shampoo 472ml


    – Hypo-allergenic For Sensitive Skin/allergy
    – Fragrance Free
    – Natural & Organic Ingredients
    – Safe & Effective
    – Made In Usa & Cruelty Free
    – Happiness Guarantee

  • Sale! EcoBath-Manuka-Honey-Pet-Grooming-Products-2Eco-Bath-Manuka-Honey-Pet-Shampoo-Dogs-Cats-13oz

    EcoBath Manuka Honey Pet Shampoo Grooming Products


    In EcoBath products, Natural Manuka Honey, which helps with healing, is blended with other natural and organic ingredients to create our exclusive Honey Hygiene™, a new nature-based approach to caring for pets’ coat, skin, and teeth and gums.

  • Sale! Forbis Forcans Dog Cat Shampoo and ConditionerForbis Forcans Pet Shampoo -Silk Repair Shampoo and Conditioner description

    Forbis Forcans Pet Shampoo and Conditioner 550ml


    Vitamin E acetate, one of the ingredients added to all shampoos in addition to the main functions of Pokenn’s shampoo, is widely used in skin-related products such as skins and creams, and protects the closed membrane from air pollution by inhibiting oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids that make up the cell membrane. It also promotes healing of wound and damaged skin. It also protects the skin by blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

  • Sale! Nootie Dermatology Solutions Medicated ShampooNootie AntiMicrobial Medicated Shampoo

    Nootie Dermatology Solutions Medicated Shampoo 16oz


    Medicated veterinarian solutions for itchy skin, bacterial, yeast, or fungal issues.
    Get clinically proven results.

  • Sale! Nootie Pet Shampoo 16ozNootie pet shampoo Vitamin-and-Almond-Oil-Warm-Vanilla-Cookie-Moisturizing-Shampoo-16oz

    Nootie Pet Shampoo 16oz


    Veterinarian formulated to soften your pet’s coat and promote healthy skin with long lasting fragrances.

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    Pet Brush – Grey


    GROOMING ACCESSORIES Introducing Pet Brush – Grey Hygiene and regular care are the very basic conditions of proper development and natural immunity of all pets. Systematic cosmetic control guarantee excellent health condition of the fur, preventing its felting. Skilful claw cutting does not allow posture faults to occur. Consistent concern about ones pet’s cleanness and health…

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    Pet Comb

    • Reduce shedding
    • Gentle action
    • Non-scratch
    • Spring steel teeth
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    Pet Nail Clipper – Guillotine


    GROOMING ACCESSORIES Introducing Pet Nail Clipper – Guillotine Trimming your pet’s nails is an important part of your dog’s grooming. Most dogs dislike trimming because their paws are sensitive. However, problems can arise if nails are not cut. Nail trimming once a month is usually sufficient depending on your pet’s daily activities and wear on…

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