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  • Nutripe Arthiculate

    Nutripe Arthiculate Nutrition Joint Supplement

    • Contain natural sources of Chondroitin Sulphate, Glucosamine Sulphate, omega 3 fatty acids and Glycosaminoglycans, making it an effective joint care product.
    • 500mg of freeze dried Green Lipped Mussel Powder equals to 2500mg of fresh green lipped mussels.
    • Effective joint care product.
    • Contains 8 essential amino acids and 10 non-essential amino acids
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    Nutripe Dermiracle Natural Skin Supplement 60cap

    • Nutripe Dermiracle is a 100% natural skin supplement suitable for both dogs and cats.
    • Dermiracle is formulated with Emu Oil, a unique source of natural oils.
    • Emu Oil contains vitamins A & E which acts as an antioxidant and healing agent that renews and repairs the skin.
    • It also contains oleic acid which is a proven skin cell regenerator and anti wrinkle agent. Sapogens, a component that acts as skin softeners are also found in Emu Oil. Using Dermiracle nourishes and moisturises your pet’s skin to maintain the youthfulness and vitality.
    • Dermiracle is also anti-inflammatory that helps to soothe the skin from irritations, inflammation and sun or scar damages.
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    TROY Nutripet High-Energy Vitamin Concentrate Paste 200g

    • Palatable high-energy dietary supplement
    • Provides extra energy, vitamins and minerals
    • Suitable for Cats & Dogs
    • Australian Researched, Developed and Manufactured
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    VetWerkz VetaFlex Ultra Joint Support 60s

    • Natural Joint & Cartilage Care
    • Repairs & Rebuilds Joints
    • Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief
    • Enhances Motion & Flexibility
    • High Nutritional Benefits
    • Now with Green Lipped Mussel Extract
    • New, easy-to-feed shape
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    Virbac NUTRI-PLUS GEL 120.5g

    • Nutriplus Gel is the original, highly palatable energy supplement for cats and dogs. Unlike other products that make use of plant carbohydrate as a source of energy, Nutriplus Gel makes use of animal origin nutrients which allow easier and faster conversion of the nutrient into energy.
    • Contains liver extract which makes the product highly palatable.
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    Virbac Vitaminthe Paste De-Wormer 10ml

    • Vitaminthe is a widely employed wormer for dogs and cats and the paste formulation is simply the back of the tongue. Niclosamide is specifically effective against tapeworms and oxibendazole combats both adult and larval stages of roundworms, whipworms and haakwormen.
    • Combination of both active ingredients in this pasta makes Vitaminthe suitable for use in dogs and cats of all ages and can also be safely administered to animals that are lactating.