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  • Cardinal-Remedy-Recovery-Hot-Spot-Spray-8oz
    $22.00 $16.90

    Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Hot Spot Spray 8oz

    • Works fast to numb and relieve minor pain
    • Reduces redness and minor swelling.
    • Promotes the healing of minor skin irritations caused by itching and scratching.
    • May be used as often as necessary.
  • Cardinal-Remedy-Recovery-Hydrocortisone-Lotion-4oz
    $23.00 $20.90

    Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Hydrocortisone Lotion 4oz

    • Provides relief from flea bites, dermatitis and skin irritations.
    • Relieves itching for periods of time and thus reduces stress.
    • Reduces inflammation and redness.
    • Dries up moisture.
  • Eco-Bath-Manuka-Honey-Pet-Shampoo-Dogs-Cats-13ozEcoBath-Manuka-Honey-Pet-Grooming-Products-2
    $28.90 $22.90

    EcoBath Manuka Honey Pet Shampoo Grooming Products

    In EcoBath products, Natural Manuka Honey, which helps with healing, is blended with other natural and organic ingredients to create our exclusive Honey Hygiene™, a new nature-based approach to caring for pets’ coat, skin, and teeth and gums.

  • PetAG_Bene-Bac_Plus_FOS_Syringe

    PetAG Bene-Bac Plus FOS Probiotics Pet Gel

    • Bene-Bac® Plus supports the GI health of pets
    • Helps animals experiencing adverse conditions
    • Contains FOS and live, naturally occurring microorganisms
    • Guaranteed 20 million CFU of viable lactic acid producing bacteria per gram
    • Use with newborns, weanlings, orphans, antibiotic therapy, post-surgery, and more
  • -10%
    $85.50 $76.90

    VetWerkz VetaFlex Ultra Joint Support 60s

    • Natural Joint & Cartilage Care
    • Repairs & Rebuilds Joints
    • Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief
    • Enhances Motion & Flexibility
    • High Nutritional Benefits
    • Now with Green Lipped Mussel Extract
    • New, easy-to-feed shape
  • -12%
    $9.00 $7.90

    Virbac CET Dual End Toothbrush

    • Dual-ended toothbrush
    • Tapered to conform to pet’s mouth and teeth
    • Soft bristles are gentle on a pet’s teeth
  • -5%
    $12.50 $11.90

    Virbac CET Fingerbrush with Toothpaste Packet

    • Canine and feline dental hygiene product
    • Helps remove plaque and freshen breath
    • Special brush design makes brushing easier
    • Easy to administer flavored toothpaste
    • Supplied as a single brush and toothpaste packet
  • Virbac C.E.T Oral Hygiene Kit
    $29.50 $26.90

    Virbac CET Oral Hygiene Kit – Poultry 70g

    • Dual ended, soft bristle tooth brush
    • Fingerbrush slips over finger for ease of use
    • Toothpaste designed to be swallowed
    • Safe for all pets