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    VetWerkz Veta-Bac Probiotic Gel 15g

    • Aids Digestion & Absorption
    • Controls Diarrhea
    • Relieves Bloat
    • Promotes Appetite
    • Natural, Safe & Effective
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    $16.90 $10.90

    Cardinal Gold’s Medal Clean Ears Liquid 4oz

    • Cleans Ear Canal
    • Dissolves Ear Wax and Loosens Wax Build-Up
    • Reduces Odors
    • Excellent for Use Before or After Swimming
    • Contains no Alcohol
  • -35%
    $40.00 $26.00

    Petkin Vet Approved PetWipes Wet Wipes 100s

    • with aloe & vitamin e for healthy skin & shiny coat
    • cleans pet’s face, ears, body & eye area
    • deodorizes & conditions
    • won’t remove spot flea treatments
    • Veterinarian approved Pet Wipes provide a fast, convenient way to keep your pet clean and healthy everyday. Each pet wipe is moistened with a gentle cleansing formula that helps maintain a clean and healthy pet coat while restoring skin moisture and softness. Use daily for quick cleanings, controlling pet odors and wiping dirty paws.
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    XABY Naturals Anti-Tick & Flea Eucalyptus 100ml

    • More and more dogs owners are looking for natural alternatives for tick prevention.
    • Although ticks can be a concern in the warmer months, dog owners also have to consider the effects that chemical tick treatments have on their dog’s digestive tract, internal organs and overall health, both short and long term.
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    VetWerkz VetaDerm Skin and Coat Supplement 60s

    • For Smooth, Lustrous, Shiny Coat
    • Promotes Clear & Healthier Skin
    • Limits Skin Inflammation & Itch
    • Reduces Shedding
    • Natural, Safe & Effective
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    $29.00 $23.90

    Cardinal Remedy+Recovery Medicated Shampoo 8oz

    • Relief of the symptoms of seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, itching, irritation, redness, flaking.
    • Kills bacteria germs & fungus
    • Disinfects
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    Absolute Plus Pure Ear Liquid Cleanser – 70ml

    Instill Absolute Plus GOLD Ear Mites Remedy and Cleanser into the ear canal and massage the ear canal well for a minute or so. Let your pet shake its head and then gently clean out the opening with cotton swabs. Apply the remedy every other day for six days. Then let the ears rest for 3 days. The remedy will smother many of the mites and start a healing process.
    Continue using once every 3 days for a period of 6 weeks.

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    Petkin EyeWipes 30s

    • removes dirt & tear stains
    • helps prevent irritation that can cause infection
    • soothing, natural aloe vera
    • safe, convenient & easy to use
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    Happy Pet Wrapping Collagen Shampoo Towel 25S

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