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    Petmate Litter Scoop W/ Microban Large

    Original price was: $4.50.Current price is: $3.50.
    • Extra wide mouth and large slits for easy sifting.
    • This classic litter sifter is made with environmentally friendly recycled plastic and Microban Anti-Microbial to make it stain and odor resistant.
    • Made in the USA.
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    Petmate Vari Kennel Large

    Original price was: $360.50.Current price is: $300.00.
    • Tough durable construction with easy-open squeeze latch
    • Vents on side walls
    • Interior moat to keep pets dry and tie-down strap holes on the perimeter for zip-tie installation and extra security during airline travel
    • Easy-to-assembly–no tools required
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    PetSafe Busy Buddy® Kibble Nibble™ Medium & Large

    Original price was: $36.50.Current price is: $29.95.
    • Patented Treat Meter® randomly dispenses treats
    • Holds an entire meal
    • Lined with rubber bumpers
    • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
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    PetSafe Busy Buddy® Tug-A-Jug™ Medium & Large

    Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $32.90.
    • Patented toy design randomly dispenses treats
    • Holds an entire meal
    • Durable plastic jug holds up to strong chewing
    • Braided rope for tugging
    • Puzzle toy prevents boredom
    • Hand wash only
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    Stop Bite Protective Pet Collar – Large

    Original price was: $159.00.Current price is: $144.35.

    >> Patented Protective Pet Collar <<

    >> Ventilated Collar <<

    >> Contoured Neck Design <<

    >> Velcro Straps & Buckles <<

    >> Safety Reflectors <<

    >> Hook for Leash <<

    >> Soft, Durable Materials <<

    >> Machine Washable <<

    >> Calmer, Healthier Pets! <<

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    Tire-Biter Tire Bone – Large

    Original price was: $25.90.Current price is: $11.40.

    Tire Biter dog toys from Mammoth Pet Products are “real tire tough.” Tire Biter Paw Tracks are durable pet toys that dogs of all ages enjoy. These toys can also be very effective training tools, as their creative design and unique features make them useful for dog trainers and owners alike.

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    Original price was: $11.00.Current price is: $9.10.
    • Made with chicken and pollock
    • No added sugar, soy, dairy products and meat meals
    • Free from artificial colours and flavour enhancers
    • Comes in resealable bag
    • Available in two sizes – Medium and Large (both 80g)
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    Vitakraft Puppy Pee Pads Large 10s

    Original price was: $26.00.Current price is: $21.30.
    • Crafted with super absorbency polymer as a Sap system pee pad.
    • Impermeable to water.
    • Resistant and durable for long term use.
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    Wellness Complete Health Large Breed-Adult Deboned Chicken, Brown Rice Recipe – 30lbs

    Original price was: $250.00.Current price is: $186.20.

    >> Lean Muscle Support from 4 Animal Protein Sources. <<

    >> Optimal Caloric Intake to Promote Healthy Body Weight. <<

    >> Obesity is a bigger challenge for Large Breeds <<
    Extra weight puts extra stress on a large frame, so it’s important for your dog to feel satiated without consuming excess calories. With moderate fat, this recipe helps control energy intake allowing your dog to eat enough and still maintain a healthy weight every day.

    >> Small Digestive Tracts Relative to Body Size <<
    It is important for large breeds to easily digest and process food. We include live, naturally-occurring microorganisms to support digestive health and we ensure optimal nutrient absorption through our Digestool®confirmation studies – less nutrients in the stool, means more nutrients in the body.

    >> Higher Percentage of Muscle Mass <<
    With greater size, there is more muscle to support and keep strong so we use 13% more protein than our Wellness Complete Health Adult Recipes.

    >> Keeps Joints Healthy <<
    Carrying an average weight of 100 pounds is hard work. To help keep joints healthy, this recipe features our Wellflex® system – 750 mg/kg of glucosamine hydrochloride and 250 mg/kg of chondroitin sulfate.

    >> Large Breeds Tend to Eat Too Fast <<
    This bigger, rounder kibble is designed to promote proper chewing time in larger mouths. We also guarantee your dog will love the taste of each healthy, flavorful bite.

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