Dogit Design Cargo Dog Carrier Gray

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  • Durable, thick-wall, pet-friendly construction
  • Smooth contoured front entrance ensures no sharp edges
  • Meets and exceeds airline regulations
  • 3-in-1: use as carrier, bed, or for crate training
  • Complete ventilation
  • Reinforced vent openings
  • 2-sided opening door
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Waste collection gutter
  • 4-corner attachment points
  • Additional $82.39 for 4 Castor Wheels. 360 degree swivel, 2 with brakes, 2 without brakes

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Summer is the time for travel! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite travel carriers for you guys so that whether you’re going by air or on the road, your four-legged friend can come with you safely and comfortably. Dogit Design Cargo Dog Carrier is the best choice for you and your pet!


3in1 Dogit Design Cargo Dog Carrier


Your pet goes where you go with Dogit Design Cargo Dog Carrier via plane, train, boat or automobile pet transportation. Never been safer or more convenient. The Dogit Design Cargo comes in five sizes ensuring that there is a Cargo to fit every size of dog.

Can purchase with Dogit Design Cargo Dog Carrier Castor Wheels additional $82.39 for 4 Castor Wheels.


360 degree swivel, 2 with brakes and 2 without brakes.




With the Dogit Design Cargo Carrier, your pet goes where you go. Via train, plane, boat or car your pet has never been safer, nor has it been more convienient. Built in features make it possible for you to secure your carrier while travelling. The Dogit Design Cargo Carrier is Airline Approved but you should always check that this item meets your airline’s requirements prior to travelling.


The Dogit Design Cargo Carrier can also serve as a quiet bedding area for your pet. With the option of removing the top from the base and adding a cushion, your pet can have a very open-concept sleeping area, or leave the top on for tranquil quarters. Perfect if you have taken your pet on holiday, your pet will instantly have a bed to sleep in.


The Dogit Design Cargo Carrier can also be used as a useful tool for crate training, one of the best methods for housebreaking your puppy.

Complete Ventilation

The Dogit Design Cargo Carrier has great ventilation for your pet, as well as ventilation through the grilled door, there is also re-inforced vent openings on the top half of the carrier on both sides and the back allowing air to flow through the carrier providing complete ventilation.

2-sided door opening

The front door offers 2-sided door opening, so it can open to the left or right, perfect for whatever location you put your carrier.

Secure Locking Mechanism

As the door has 2-sided opening, it has 2 secure locking mechanisms, one on each side. Pushing up the spring loaded side latch up, lifts the bars from the holes at the top and base to release the door. The spring loaded lock ensures that door is secure and pet friendly.

Internal Collection Gutter

Inside the Dogit Design Cargo Carrier there is a collection gutter that goes all the way around the base, which comes in useful for spilled water or those little accidents.

Food Bowl

The Dogit Design Cargo Carrier also comes with an additional snap-on bowl for food or water should you require to add a feeding area for your pet.

ID Tag

Just above the door of the Cargo Carrier is a slot with a metal tag inside for you to get engraved with details on it. You could get you pets name and possibly an address engraved on here, which could be especially useful if you are using the carrier for flying abroad.

Durable, thick-wall, pet friendly construction
Smooth contoured front entrance ensures no sharp edges
Four corner attachment points

Available Sizes:

Small – 68 cm L x 49 cm W x 48 cm H

Medium – 80 cm L x 56 cm W x 58 cm H

Large – 90 cm L x 65 cm W x 65 cm H

X-Large – 104 cm L x 75 cm W x 77 cm H

XX-Large – 123 cm L x 82 cm W x 90 cm H


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Small (76725), Medium (76730), Large (76735), XLarge (76740), XXLarge (76745), Castor Wheels (76770)


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