Weird Things Cats Do: 5 Silly Things Your Cat Does Explained
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Weird Things Cats Do: 5 Silly Things Your Cat Does, Explained

Cats. Mysterious and elegant creatures. You don’t choose them – they choose you.

However, these majestic balls of fur are not always as elegant as they may appear. If you have a cat, then you probably know this, because cats sometimes do the weirdest things in the world.

While some of the things they do are just silly, others will cost you your favorite set of porcelain plates, and some of the things they do are just odd.

So, from staring at nothing to pushing glasses and plates, here are 5 weird things cats do, explained.

5 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Staring at Nothing

It’s three in the morning, you’re watching TV, and you look away just to find your cat standing there staring into space.

Confused, you ask yourself: “What is that feline staring at? Is it a ghost? Okay, it’s three in the morning, what if it’s a ghost? What if there’s something I can’t see?”

Actually, there is.

Even though it appears that cats stare at nothing, they do stare at things that you cannot see with your naked eye. That’s because your eyes aren’t as sharp as your cat’s.

Cats have precise vision that detects motion a lot better than humans. In general, cats have much sharper senses than humans do.

Hearing and vision allow cats to detect things like the tiniest insects, the smallest particles of dust, or even hear the electricity flowing through the walls of your house. To us, it appears as one of those weird things cats do that we can’t understand why.

So, the next time your cat stares at something you can’t see, don’t worry. It’s probably something microscopic – and let’s hope it’s not a ghost.

cat with its mouth stretched wide
The Odd and Funny Things Cats Do

Pushing Things off Tables, Shelves, Counters, and Everywhere Else

Another weird thing cats do is pushing your stuff off the table or any other high surface you have that they can reach.

This can be very annoying especially if they break something (a tip – don’t leave fragile things on the edge of high surfaces, they might suffer the consequences of being shoved off). But, why do cats do this?

The reason behind pushing stuff is actually instinctive. Cats are predators by nature, meaning that if in the wilderness – they are going to hunt and catch prey. They don’t always need to be in the wilderness to do this, though.

Some of our domesticated cats often bring us gifts like birds and mice to show us their gratitude in a unique way. As you might have already noticed (and if you have, too bad for you), cats sometimes like to play with their prey by pushing it around. It is instinctive to them to do this.

So, when a cat pushes your cup of coffee – they think it is prey. They’ve spotted it and now they’re playing around with it – which is why your precious cups keep breaking.

It is simply a game of predator and prey. Often, this behaviour stops as cats realize that it’s not an actual prey, so they just simply grow out of it.

Eating Grass

Yes, your cat is a carnivore. So, why are they eating grass out on the porch?! The truth is, cats don’t have the enzymes to process grass.

This means that shortly after they eat it, they’re going to vomit. So, why is this one of the weird things cats do?

cat staring at foliage
Strange and Amusing Things Your Cat Does With Grass

This process helps your cat clear their stomach from hairballs (cleaning themselves all the time means they consume quite a bit of hair), feathers, or other things that their belly cannot process.

Therefore, don’t panic if your cat does this every once in a while. It’s usually to just clean their bowels.

Worshipping Boxes and Bags

This is also known as the “If it fits, I sit” phenomenon. You will frequently find your cat in your shopping bag, the box from Amazon that you just got, or some funny place like a straw basket. What makes cats so drawn to boxes and similar things?

It is very simple: it gives them a sense of safety. Because they are inside a box, they feel like nothing can attack them since they can see when something is coming their way.

Cats are also a bit private and less social than dogs would be, so sometimes when they need some alone time, they go and hide in your laundry basket.

Why Do Cats Thump Their Feet on Walls?

This is another of the weird things cats do. If you’ve noticed your kitty thumping its back legs on the wall, it may be due to sprained legs that your cat is trying to stretch and relax,

This may also happen when your cat is aggressively playing with a big toy, stuffed animal, or even you. It is sometimes known as the bunny kick.

Note that this is a potentially dangerous behaviour that can leave you scratched or bitten. You can reduce the chances of it happening by abstaining from aggressive play with your cat.

One easy way to encourage positive playtime and reduce aggression is by using a stuffed animal instead.

Attacking Your Feet as if They’re Their Worst Enemy

Often, you’re all snuggled up in bed and your precious kitty cat is right there with you.

A beautiful moment of harmony, enjoying a nice and cosy time with your pet. That is, until you move your feet and all of a sudden, your cat just attacks them.

Pretty painful, right? Why would your sweet cat do this, that also happens to be one of the weird things cats do?

Again, this is something that is instinctive for them, especially when they are younger. It is another predator and prey game. The cat is the predator, and the prey is obviously your feet. They see something suspicious moving under the sheets and they feel the need to protect their hooman!

Another reason why they might be doing it is simply because they’re being playful. This is especially so if your cat is still young – expect to be attacked every time you move in a way they find charming.

cat leaning to a side and staring
Many Weird Things Cats Do

But of course, since we adore and worship our furry feline friends, we’ll just close both eyes to the weird things cats do.

Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You

Of course, there are also other weird things cats do when they adore you!

They include:

  • Kneading
  • Bunting
  • Blinking
  • Nibbling
  • Curling their tails
  • Purring and meowing near us
  • Bringing us dead animals
  • Wrapping their tails around us

What other weird things cats do can you remember?

Despite All of the Weird Things Cats Do…

…we still love them dearly. Even though there are many weird things cats do (like being fascinated with running water), you have to admit that they’re still one of the most cunning, sly, and elegant creatures out there. And remember, you chose to be responsible for them in the first place.

No matter what the weird things cats do are, they still have their sweet moments where you can’t help but think how precious they are. Still, watch your feet!

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