Wellness Pet Food, Is It Well Made?
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Wellness Pet Food, Is It Well Made?

We love natural food for ourselves, of course, we will love natural food for our dogs, cats, and all our pets. Natural food is wellness for our bodies.

Now and then, nature has been giving us food for our bodies to thrive and survive on. Everybody knows that natural food is good for health.

Therefore, some good people have been working on serving natural food for our pets too. They are Wellness Pet Food. Wellness dog food in Singapore has been very popular and well received by dog owners and is one of our top sales in Singapore.

Wellness Pet Food has been making natural pet food that is derived from plants, animals, and minerals. They make it without artificial preservatives or colors. Wellness believes in the power of natural nutrition for a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Maybe you have heard of them from other pet parents. Maybe you even saw them on the shelf at your favorite pet shop. If you are still wondering whether you should change your pet food to Wellness, where is it made, how good it is, and what varieties do they have, I hope this article helps you to make your choice.

Where Is Wellness Pet Food Made in?

Where Is Wellness Pet Food Made?

In the 1990s, a team of animal nutrition experts, veterinarians, and scientists began working together. The result was Wellness. Wellness Pet Food is a part of the WellPet family. The Wellness company is currently located in Massachusetts and all of its products are made in the United States. The ingredients are wholesome and natural, varying from real meats, wholesome grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, omega fatty acids, and live probiotics.

How Good Is Wellness Pet Food?

Wellness Pet Food only uses the finest ingredients to promote a pet’s health and help them grow. As a result, they never added extra artificial flavors, preservatives, and other chemicals. They pick their ingredients in a rigid, uncompromising, and detailed way.

Wellness also has good quality control of their food production to protect the nutritional integrity of their food. Consequently, they sanitize their plant to prevent bacterial growth and pest infestation, they also stored the ingredients properly in the right temperatures. As a result, the food is carefully handled, carefully prepared and undoubtedly safe.

Wellness Pet Food From A to Z

Wellness Pet Food From A to Z

On their website, Wellness explained their ingredients from A to Z, here are some of them:

  • Ascorbic acid (from vitamin C)
  • Beef (An excellent source of high-quality protein.)
  • Carrot (an excellent source of fiber and minerals)
  • Duck (an excellent source of high-quality protein and fatty acids)
  • Enterococcus faecium (live micro-organism)
  • Flaxseed(high in fiber and good for the digestive system)
  • Garlic Powder(anti-oxidant and enjoyable flavor)
  • Herring(source of protein and Omega 3 for healthy skin and coat)
  • Iron Proteinate (Mineral compound that provides oxygen to the blood and helps digestion of fatty acids)
  • Live microorganism(friendly bacteria improves our pet’s digestive system)
  • Manganese Proteinate/ Manganese Sulfate(It activates many enzymes and helps utilize fatty acids)
  • Niacin (vitamin B helps process protein, carbohydrates, and fat as well as promotes healthy nerve and brain function)
  • Oatmeal (an excellent source of highly digestible carbohydrates, protein, and nutritional fiber).
  • Potatoes(Potatoes provide B vitamins, carbohydrates, zinc, vitamin C, copper, iron, magnesium, niacin, and potassium).
  • Rosemary Extract (a highly effective natural preservative high in antioxidants).
  • Salmon (an excellent source of high-quality protein, calcium, phosphorous, and long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Tomatoes (source of vitamin C and anti-oxidant).
  • Venison (an excellent source of protein).
  • Whitefish (highly digestible protein and fat source)
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract(Yucca is a desert plant good for digestive aid. It is also known to reduce fecal odor).
  • Zinc Proteinate/ Zinc Sulfate (Good for hair, skin, bones, muscles, and blood. It also helps with digestion and reproduction).

Simply put from these several A to Z ingredients that Wellness has to offer, you can count on them to deliver good natural and healthy food for your fur kids.


Does Wellness Pet Food Have Grain?

Wellness has several varieties of their products, from dry and wet dog food to snacks and treats. There is a product that has a grain-like in Complete Health.

Here below is Wellness Pet Food main product line:

  1. Complete Health. Dry and wet food for dogs in all life stages and all-breed size. There are original and grain-free recipes, also healthy weight formulas.
  2. CORE. Entirely grain-free with a meat-based diet.
  3. Simple. Limited ingredients for dogs with allergies and sensitivities.
  4. Trufood. Oven-baked products of quality protein and digestible carbs.

What Is The Difference Between Wellness And Wellness Core Dog Food?

The Complete Health line contains whole grains, such as brown rice and rye, but there is also a selection of grain-free recipes.

Wellness CORE is entirely grain-free with a meat-based diet. So, CORE is good if your pet has a sensitivity to grains. What do grain-free means? It means the food is made without any barley, corn, rye, oats, rice, wheat, sorghum, or soy ingredients.

For example, in Wellness Core they have several varieties from grain-free original recipe, puppy recipe, reduced-fat recipe, wild game recipe, ocean recipe, small breed recipe, and large breed recipe.

Is Grain Free Food Bad For Dogs?

Is Grain Free Food Bad For Dogs?

Just like us, our pets have their own unique nutritional needs. Is grain-free food bad or good for dogs? It depends on every individual. If your dog has an allergy to grain, then grain-free food is good for them. If your dog is fine, it’s okay to feed a whole complete food. When choosing the right food for your fur kid, ask your vet or do some research first before changing the food.

Whole grain food is not bad, the grain can provide digestible nutrients like energy, protein, vitamin E, and linoleic acid. What’s important is to look for complete and balanced nutrition whether it contains grain or grain-free food.

In a grain-free food, they often replace the grain function with other ingredients like potatoes, sweet potatoes, lentils, quinoa, and peas.

Mostly, food allergens in dogs are caused by beef and dairy. However. if you suspect your dog has allergies, ask the vet to check on them on a careful food trial to determine which food they are allergic to.

In a rare case, if your dog is sensitive to grain, you should look for high-quality grain-free dog food. And you should check with your vet if you have questions to ask about food allergies for your pets.

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