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Busy Buddy Football Small Medium Large

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  • Busy Buddy Football Small Medium Large
  • BusyBuddy_Fotball

Premier Busy Buddy Extra Tough Treats Holder – Football (S)

  • Floatable
  • Small -suitable for dog below 20lbs
  • Chew Strength -Hard
  • Extra Tough -Keep your pet busy with good things to chew
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Chewing is very important for your dogs oral and mental health. It keeps his teeth clean, his body exercised and his mind occupied. Having your dog chew on a toy is also important to prevent behavior problems and chewing on inappropriate objects. A dog that has chewed for 30 minutes is busy, contented and then more apt to take a nap than stealing your wallet!



Busy Buddy Pet Toys – Extra Tough Treats Holder

SMALL – 9cm [Best for dogs under 20lbs]


Busy Buddy Football Small Medium Large

Busy Buddy Football Small Medium Large


Small – 9cm (best for dogs under 20lbs)
Medium – 11.5cm (best for dogs 20-60lbs)
Large – 16cm (best for dogs over 60lbs) able to hold 2 bones!


Keep Your Dogs Busy with Busy Buddy Toys

Busy Buddy toys are durable, fun, and yes part of behavior training too. Keeping dogs preoccupied helps prevent bad behaviors such as chewing on furniture or digging through trash. PetSafe Busy Buddy treat dispensing toys are designed based on animals’ natural process for acquiring food (tracking, digging, tearing, etc.). They challenge pups and make them problem solvers to get their rewards.

In the wild, dogs get to eat what they catch. In your home, your dog can’t eat his traditional stuffed toy. By combining treats with a more interactive kind of toy, your dog gets the same satisfaction he would get by catching his own prey in the wild. Some dogs have different preferences for how they would hunt in the wild, and also for how they play with their toys. There’s a Busy Buddy toy for every personality and play style!

Busy Buddy toys are tested to the same standard as children’s toys. They’re made of thick, durable rubber and designed for the unique needs of every dog.



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