Sport Pet Cat Play Palace

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Why do cats and kittens love hiding, sleeping and playing in cuddly caves? We asked all our foster cats and kittens, and they asked us right back (we think), “For many of the same reasons your young humans like hiding out and playing in tents and forts – they’re fun!” Fun factor aside, cats do like to feel safe and snuggly especially when they are sleeping.

Have you ever seen a pile of kittens or a row of adult cats lined up across the floor to catch the warm rays of a sun beam, or snoozing on the top of your old-fashioned-style TV or computer monitor? Cats like to be warm! Their average normal body temperature is 101.5 °F and they are domestic cats are descended from a desert dwelling feline – say that five times fast! (This is also why most cats are not good at drinking enough water to stay healthy and need to “eat” their water in daily feedings of canned food.)

These desert wild cats lived in… yes, caves! So the next time your highly-domesticated house cat curls up inside of a fuzzy cave bed, or plays hide and go seek with you under the sheets as you make your bed, you’ll know you are getting a glimpse into their evolutionary background!




SportPet Cat Play Palace
SportPet Cat Play Palace


SportPet Cat Play Palace Measurement
SportPet Cat Play Palace Measurement


SportPet Play Palace Product Feature
SportPet Play Palace Product Feature


When the domestic cat’s not busy sleeping (up to 16 hours a day), it can usually be found doing what cats do second best: getting into all sorts of trouble.

Keeping cats safe while stimulating their insatiable appetite for mischief could be a full-time job if it weren’t for the ingenious line of toys from SportPet. You know your little friend’s boundless energy must be matched with the right diversions. And we’ve got them:


  • Tunnels and lots of things that roll
  • Multifunctional items to keep their minds busy
  • Proper stimulation of the cat’s natural desire to hunt, hide and chase

As you can see, cat toys are serious business. Ah, who are we kidding? They’re seriously fun, and that always translates into exciting products that you’ll love to take home to your kitty!


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